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So I’ve been writing recently about brands that focus on minimal approaches to fashion. Brands that are minimal in design, colour palette and use fierce style of cuts and tailoring. My previous posts have featured the works of Paradigm Shift & Orphan Bird.



On this theme of minimal fashion, but minimal as a fierce force, using elements that define the brand itself, Biaski is another stand out brand that caught my attention.

The urban feel for this brand is strong with its collections. The brand was founded by two fashion designers in 2012. The brand was originally designed for private clientèle with bespoke products.

It’s success brought on the opportunity to expand to an on-line fashion business sparking a larger interest.


The Biaski team would cater for Men aged 18-34 who are fashion concious, gents that are after a brand that gives them individuality, with a little edge, whilst still being able to walk comfortably down the street.

Affordable, but collections that last in style and in the material too.

A brand like Biaski.


After having no luck via Google I spoke to the team via Twitter, who were nothing but helpful, in sending me some information on their brand.

It was the white dress shirt with leather panel that had me questioning myself why I didn’t have it. It was something else. Moving to the city, my styles have been changing, as I am as a person.

I moved here to be myself and really get to know myself, through my love of the creative world around me. I wanted a London style that I could rally against my country roots.


Biaski was always there on my feed, I retweeted the brand to my followers and it got me thinking, get an article up!


Lines again drew me in and if you are a regular reader to my page, you should all be aware of my attuned obsession with lines. The lines are crisp and solid, much like the city skyline in Biaski’s designs.

They play a role to defining the brands dominating flair. The edginess of Biaski’s twist on the modern, traditional items of clothing is not seen much in the fashion world. Especially in menswear.


Huate couture collections give us the colourful flair with some creative designs. But for menswear the collections we see are usual styles just with some added colour or small changes. Biaski has shredded that menswear ‘style’ with its 2015 collection.

The brand uses materials of a high quality, which you can see even through the pictures of the up and coming collections on their Twitter. Soft, luxurious leather and tropical wools have been used for their work.

The products not only have a great shelf life, the material is perfect for all year around.


Contemporary design and tailoring give out fresh styles and cuts, that highlight the individuality of this brand. Much like the other brands above, that all have specific elements that set themselves apart, from other minimalistic brands.

Their current collection for 2015 features the idea of the biker. A definitive style that brings out that rugged male aesthetic, but for this brand, the soft side of the edgy biker.

A solo individual, who underneath a strong leather and wool shell, shows a sensitive side, to the charming gent. The de-constructed collection gives a huge variety to the men that are after that choice.


The biker look, could be classified as one of the most rugged, arrogant styles out there. Just take the iconic James Dean. That rough, casual, no care attitude, against his leather jacket cried, beautiful lost soul.

He was undoubtedly a male sex symbol for his homage to the biker look. That is what Biaski brings to the table. It gives the modern gent, who appreciates style and class an edgy, re-designed and confident wardrobe. The perfect street style, rebellious look. A London look.

It really is a majestic brand, that I cannot wait to buy from once their site is up. I’ve been told soon, so I’m not giving away too much.

But for those interested, check out their Twitter account in the link below for updates to Biaski and their brand.


Their brand is like a tango between sheer confidence and charming individuality. I give you Biaski.

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