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–   L U S H   L I F E S T Y L E   –

Every since I moved to London, I have been given a better opportunity to experience new things. Whether that was, architecture, fashion, style, people, beauty trends, food and so on. The city has given me a chance to begin again, so to speak. Not that I’m quoting the song title to ‘Purity Rings’. That would be something…

Trending on the fact that bloggers are obsessed with what’s good for your skin, I wanted to write about Lush cosmetics.

Yes Lush, the overpowering shop I used to avoid. Since I’ve been in the city, my skin wasn’t clearing up, it is one of my insecurities and seeing people with great skin, just made me jealous.

I’ve read a lot of posts about this skincare cream and that facial scrub and it was daunting. Until my best friend pushed me to try lush cosmetics and I’m thoroughly grateful that he did.

To be honest I had no idea where to start in the shop, I was lost. I was given ‘Coal Face’ by him to start and I could see a difference almost immediately.

And now I actually cant stop shopping there.

Lush is a brand that believes in quality products, without the cost of animal testing. The whole range in the shop is as natural and fresh as it can be and they have solidly stood by their beliefs. This is what makes them a great brand.

Will (that’s my friend) introduced me to the brand and told me what sort of items I should invest in. It has been a few months since he has and my skin has changed for the better.

Not helping with the stressful roller-coaster I’ve been riding, but now I think bad skin days are but a few spots away.

Below are the items I have treated myself too.

Coal Face is a charcoal scrub soap for your face. It removed excess dirt from your pours and does wonders.

A deeper scrub to coal face and if not washed off properly stains your face, yes I found out the hard way! Walking down the street thinking my skin in the window reflection didn’t quite look right. Make it into a paste with some water.


Aqua Marina is another scrub, but a clay based one. You add a little water to make a paste like Dark Angels and apply to your face, I leave mine on for a little while and then wash off. Again cleans the pours, especially good for blackheads around your nose.

Two little tester pots of moisturiser. The two called Vanishing Cream & Cosmetic Lad. Both really good for hydrating and keeping your skin soft.

Next up is Tea Tree Water, a toner water mist spray. Antibacterial and great for layering your skin away from the harshness of city fumes.

Bath Bombs, which is one of the main reasons most people head to Lush. The amazing little (explosive) bombs that you drop into the bath and watch them fizzle into a wonderful colour. Plus the aroma is nice and relaxing too!

My collection is growing.

Check out Lush for yourself below and have a go.


–   T H A N K   Y O U   –

I would also like to thank you Will for introducing me to this brand, literally saved my skin! I do appreciate your help even tho, I haven’t actually said it. So this blog post is dedicated to you b.


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Thank you for reading, have yourself a good evening.


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