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Afternoon! A hearty afternoon to you all. I hope you are enjoying the holidays!

Please have a listen to this song whilst you check out this post. Such a beautiful song and a good favourite of mine. When you miss someone, it is nice to listen too.

F K A   t w i g s   –   A c h e

Get into the Queu for Queu Queu.

Sorry that was my post wine/food/chocolate/Easter wit coming out, its been happening all this weekend. (Sadly with better results!)…

Anyway, I have been following via Instagram and now Twitter, a brand that is minimal, black and white. A brand that lured me in with their iPhone cases. Upon looking onto their style, I’d fallen in love.

The marble style is minimal, it looks fantastic on the case and the shirt also. Pair it with black skinny jeans and creepers, perfect. Perf, as I would say to my friends.

–   Q u e u   Q u e u   –

Quality over Quantity.

I thought this brand was just smashing to blog about. More exposure for this great brand is needed.

Check out the couple of pictures below of some of their items, I wish they had more!!



It was this marble design that caught my eye. It was simple and elegant. A style that could be paired with many items of clothing. Ladies have the perfect bag and for you chaps out there, the perfect case!

I just thought there was something nice about it, it is pretty, but at the same time, cool, refreshing and edgy. It is like a cluster of greatness.

The clothing was then showcased on their front page. I clicked and again fell in love with the marble print top. The design features added mesh vents on the side.

I’ve seen black and white brands that have black and white clothes, and the brands I’ve mentioned before, have their specific charms. Queu Queu’s charm is the talent of merging the correct amount of black to white and vice-versa. Especially with a pattern design such as the marble one. It is perfect.

Check out the tops below.



I love, love, LOVE the top, I cant even decide which one I am buying first. White tops are a classic choice, especially this design, it is the nicest white shirt I’ve ever seen personally.

The white design shows the mesh more clearly which is what I’m leaning towards. But the black seems to be the colour my wardrobe has dipped into since late last year. I guess I’ll just both!

I just cannot decide which one!!

There is a mellow edge to this design above. The added details give flair and contemporary minimalism. Not to mention the structure of the top itself, it appears solid and well designed. It sits nicely on the model, keeping its shape and not becoming awkward.

I’ve decided I’m ordering a phone case and shirt, it is happening. Thing is I want both cases and both tops. Help!?

marble-white-square-800x600 phone-white-square-800x600

Check out their site below for a look yourself, and tell me your thoughts!

Official Website – Queu Queu

Send them some love on their Twitter too! – http://www.twitter.com/queu_queu

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I’m off to make an order! Yasss

Take care readers, enjoy the rest of the Easter holidays!


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