[Daily News] – Spring Update

Hello readers, just having a spot of brunch at work and thought I’d check in with you all. Currently on the iPhone so the format might be different from my usual posts.

Firstly morning! Yes a morning post, rare indeed!! I hope you are all well too. Busy with Monday things. 


So I have been looking over my blog and my Instagram, I think it is finally taking a route into the direction I want it too. Take a look below and come follow me for daily snaps.


I have been really interested in outfit style posts. I wrote in a previous post that adding that to my blog will give my site a great piece of material.


As for framing my photos too, layout is important and I’m becoming better with my Instagram posts. 



I wrote about this year being full of new experiences and doing things. I’ve got a post I wish to share with you all, not just yet, but soon. 


Spring is upon us and it’s lighter! My favourite flowers, forget-me-nots will be in bloom soon.

 So I’m coming to the end, I’m hoping to try get some posts up soon! Day off tomorrow,so will be busy blogging!

Take care and enjoy your day


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