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Hello to my readers, I’ve got a day off and what better way to spend this precious time with some new posts.

I recently got myself Clean Bandit’s deluxe album! It is absolutely recommended!

Clean Bandit – Mozart’s House

So i’ve writing about new brands I’m finding, through my social media sites. I want to introduce you too…

–   M A N I E R E   D E   V O I R   –


A brand who’s motto is: Giving the edgy fashion types, affordable clothing, with perfect satisfaction and quality.

Maniere De Voir – translated from French to English means – way of seeing.

I like the simplicity of the title, the collections are creatively raw. Not shying away from being bold and edgy.


The collections include leather look, nylon, snake skin effect, ripped styles, neoprene, satin and zips. Very fashion forward and definitely worth checking out. The brand caters for Women & Men, with a vast collection of items already for you to chose from.

Check out the images.

 dream_1024x1024 neo_side_1024x1024_f4ca3533-b075-439a-9c3d-8eb5bb18c3b9_1024x1024

The designs are minimal, but give off detail and forward this new contempory style. Below the front and back shot, showing the plain backside to the shredded front.


The white and black colour palette theme has come up again.


Accessories can also be purchased from their site too, to complete the outfit.

–   F U L L   O U T F I T S   –

jog_style_1024x1024 overhead_full_1024x1024

The outfit above with the leather look jogger pants. So good!

Snake_white_1024x1024_1024x1024 black_velor_panel_front_side_1024x1024_1024x1024

Some of the full outfits which you can purchase on their site. It is like ultimate street wear, street style for the confident fashionista.

ribbed_new_1024x1024 shorts_front_975cf9d1-ef74-4a5d-bb6f-66ee4f1ed1ae_1024x1024

So, I’ve picked below my favourite pieces from their collection.


This white neoprene tee with black details. Below a Phantom hoodie, that zips go down the spine, as well as the usual front.


A favourite leather look style, a nylon double zip jacket. It has that edgy biker style I like, something very city based, perfect for London life.

The embossed raised details add to the flair of the designm whilst keeping it minimal and rather symmetric. Again the theme of lines play into this brands work.

We all know I love good lines in design.


Lastly, these bold, traffic light, red trainers. A strong style to pull of correctly, but with the designs above possible. The detail on the back of the shoe, brings in the zip again.


So there you have it, a fresh brand that brings in that street style I adore. Using materials that others shy from and making them their own. The brand is Maniere De Voir and brings affordable clothing to fashion concious individuals.

I look forward to purchasing from them in the future and do a style post with what I buy. In love with them!

Check out the images from their Facebook site.

11025717_814953168584305_2717823745024259243_n 10440286_814476058632016_7169129424917558153_n 11042950_814009205345368_6083396017357549014_n 10422593_813870632025892_6718509472485788383_n 10311994_805165276229761_734123653932633339_n

Here you can see some of the items from different angles and worn with other brands too.

10959823_805079602904995_1285199926029072466_n 11009097_805147649564857_9113621631240614406_n

I love the outfit above by Instagrammer: @Gallucks with the hat. The tones and layers are perfect.

Check out Maniere De Voir’s social accounts:

OFFICIAL WEBSITE – www.manieredevoir.com/

FACEBOOK – www.facebook.com/pages/Maniere-De-Voir/497084790371146?fref=ts

TWITTER – http://www.twitter.com/ManiereDeVoir

INSTAGRAM – http://www.instagram.com/manieredevoir/

TUMBLR – http://www.manieredevoirstudio.tumblr.com/


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AboutMe – www.about.me/thomasbenjamincooper

Thank you for reading and checking out this post.

The images from the post are (c) to Maniere De Voir and original owners.


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