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A warm welcome to you today, hello! Blue skies outside and its soon to be spring.

A little morning blog post showing some of the AllSaints order I received just after Christmas? Remember I was excited about it.

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Anyway, I wanted to show one of the items from my haul, with a little story too.

As I write I’m wearing one of my AllSaints knitwear pieces. The grey one to be specific, it will eventually be put onto my blog, alongside the other two knitwear jumpers I got too! I cant wait!

Feel free to listen to this whilst you read.

Lana Del Rey – My Best Days

So AllSaints, is the brand I was introduced too by a new friend here in Kingston. I love everything about them, for me it was the complete opposite from my country living style I had going on for me. It was perfect, I felt like a new person in these AllSaints clothes. More style, more attitude, more edge.

–   A L L S A I N T S   –

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I treated myself to a little haul at Christmas, I’d been saving for a few months, and with this extra money I thought I should by something fresh and ‘street’ looking. Shake up the wardrobe (or clothing rail, in my case).

In total I ordered, three knitwear jumpers, cigarette jeans and a new iPhone case.

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Here is the case I ordered. The whole thing is made of real leather, it smells fantastic! A black soft leather case with imprinted details. Something new, something black and something minimal.

–   H E R E   I S   T H E   S T O R Y   –

I took it out for a spin (literally).

So, all donned in my new clothings, jeans, knitwear and case, wearing my brown ASOS Chelsea boots. I felt confident.

I got into the town centre, and walking along the high-street, feeling a little smug (I wont lie) and mainly confident. You know what its like when you find yourself walking stronger in a new outfit. FIERCE!

So my previous iPhone case was a rubber one, as I am a huge liability. Not even sugar coating it, I’m always the one that ends up walking into things, people, apologising to inanimate objects, spilling milk at work, throwing coffee over myself, cutting myself on pretty much anything with an edge, panini press burns, slips, trips, falls. I could go on.

I got to this point in my life and I just laugh at myself, I let nature run its course and pretend I’m not hugely embarrassed most of the time. Queue the blushing.

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So the previous case was rubber, because I drop things. My phone is no exception. Has anyone thrown their phone onto their bed, for it only to just bounce off towards the wall, ricochet upwards, as it comes hurtling down, you dive, but too late. Its knocked over your cup of tea.

So my old case took awhile to get out of my pocket, being rubber it dragged the entire pocket out. My new one however, jumped out and went flying off. As it left my pocket, the headphones dislodged from the phone.

This was all in plain view of the Starbucks that was located next to me, with its giant window. There were people, there were people! You don’t recover from that, I didn’t head that route for a couple of weeks.

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Anyway, that was the story. It was probably hyped up more than it actually was. I thought the story was worth a laugh for you readers. After the ordeal, I was set on returning the phone case, especially with the electric bill scare I blogged about back just after the holidays. I was thinking this has brought me nothing but embarrassment.

I ended up keeping it, I’m bad at returning items you see. It was inevitable. But, I’m glad I did keep it, as it really is a wonderful purchase. I will make this work!

It was on sale too, which was good. The case itself was £38.00, the most expensive one I’ve treated myself too. I was able to get the case for £20.00 in the sale.

Let me know your thoughts on the design?

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