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Hello, I’ve got myself a cup of tea and starting the day (before work) with a post! I know, I’m impressed too, usually its an afternoon/evening post!

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Lets dig in! Well if you dig into your tea, I’ll imagine its all over you, that’s not very smart. But perhaps you got a nice biscuit to go with it?

Today I’m talking about IKEA and for those who know me, it is my Disneyland. Who needs a theme park when you have multiple, ready made rooms to pretend you own. And did I mention the cushions, candles and ferns at the end of the stores. It is like standard to buy a whole load, even though you know and everyone else knows, you have plenty at home.

Thankfully my mother included shares my love of Ikea. So I’m not alone.

Anyway, moving onto what this post is about and I thought it was worth a share!

–   I K E A   –

So Ikea have plans to release a line of wireless charging furniture! Amazing, but sadly still in the early stages, so no pictures to look at. The company will be integrating the Qi wireless technology for their designs.

The wonderful feature will not only save you, those wires hanging all over your bedside table, but keep your room looking tidy and maintained. (As long as you aren’t sporting a floordrobe. I hear Ikea have a wonderful selection of dressers and wardrobes, just something I heard). Go on! Treat yo’self!!


The company’s new line called ‘Home Smart’ will be launched in April for those in North America & Europe.

The collection will include, desks, lamps and tables. It will be able to wireless charge a large variety of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.


There has been speculation over its ‘wireless’ status, due to the wireless part of the furniture needing a plug socket. But this will all be hidden from view.

Personally, I love the idea of just putting down and picking up your phone, without worrying where your cable is. Or in my case, always slipping down the side of my table and bed. Nightmare!!

I think this will be a fun feature and will no doubt, drive Ikea’s sales. What are your thoughts on the ‘Home Smart’ furniture?

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