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Feel free to listen to this whilst you read. Perfect for a Boho fashion inspired shoot and one of my favourites.

Sóley – Pretty Face

–   W I L L O W   S M I T H   –

At 14, Willow Smith slays in this Boho inspired fashion shoot. Even at a young age, she has already pulled off many different styles. Especially her hair, when she is not whipping it back and fourth, she is enjoying a variety of energetic looks.

Willow for those who do not know, is the child star of Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith. For me, she was on repeat for about 3 weeks solid, (I’m not even exagerating) with her song ‘Whip My Hair’. I think I lost friends because I listened to it religiously. It was so fun and energetic!

willow-smith (1)

So the shoot was for the upcoming issue of CR Fashion Book. Head to toe, in Boho inspired fashion and Willow pulls it off flawlessly. She absolutely slays the shoot, just look at the photos.

Currently she talked on the shoot about wanting to support dreadlocks. If its anything like Willow has done before, I’m sure it will look creative and show her personality.

willow-smith-4 (1)

I especially love the turquoise from the collection she is wearing. It is, full of chic, a little bit of danger, a dash of energy and a draping of ethereal beauty.


For someone so young, she manages to pull herself professionally and give a perfect outcome to the shoot.

willow-smith-2 (1)

Willow is almost unrecognisable in these images. From the accessories, to the clothing and styling, everything is just perfect. A wonderful job from such a young lady. If any future fashion shoots are as good as this, I cant wait to see what she shoots next. She will be great.

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