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A warm evening to you all, I hope you are well my dear readers.

I thought for a little while for my blog post song, something minimal, perfect and delicate. So please feel free to listen to my twitter friends – The Bloom Twins and their haunting song – Fahrenheit.


I’ve been scouting some new reading material. Apart from the partial ‘dear agony aunt’ – “Help I’ve married my cheesecake” articles. I am after material that highlights artistic direction, something that is exciting to read, yet aesthetically pleasing to photograph and write about. Something that would look wonderful on my blog.



I want to take my blog in a direction that covers minimal fashion, style, lifestyle, food and so on. From this post you will be able to see the direction I am aim to take, the images are all ‘Cereal’ Magazine photographs. The layout and presentation is sharp and something that really latched my interest.


[Also who doesn’t like pretty photos of food…] So nice!


I stumbled across from my various Instagram follows, who post these shots of their morning set up. Usually including coffee, amongst other items, but a magazine is usually seen within the frame too. I decided to bookmark each one and they look wonderful.


So I’m planning to order Cereal magazine. It’s minimal, its perfect.

Let me introduce you to…

–   C E R E A L   M A G A Z I N E   –


A ‘Travel & Lifestyle’ Magazine that features, beautiful landscapes and still life photography. The company is based in Bristol in England. The issues are released quarterly by a small team, a talented bunch of individuals. They capture perfection through mixed media flawlessly.


To be honest, I had planned to create a magazine in the future, one of the things I wanted to do. The aesthetics would be similar, minimal approach, delicate details and visually something that would look nice being photographed.

The collection in this post reminds of a Pinterest or Tumblr mood board. When you create a page of things that you find pleasing, a place to hold inspirational images.





It reminds me of a really stripped back version of ‘Country Living’. Being a boy from the countryside and growing up in that environment, it was standard to have at least 3 back issues of ‘Country Living’, ‘Coast’ or Waitrose newspaper on hold. Just in case you see.

Sadly for us, the back issues went back months, usually cause I wouldn’t part with them. (Not that I’m hoarding them now [I AM] in piles in my room.)

I loved to sit and flicker through, before my love of minimalism blossomed.


Back to ‘Cereal’ and I’m going to order my copy soon. But please, enjoy the photos of past issues in the post.

I also like the title of the magazine, seemingly fitting for enjoying a magazine during a morning at home or out at an independent cafe/bistro. How marvellous!





As we come to an end, please check out their website. I’m off to order myself a copy!


Travel & Lifestyle – I hope to be able to achieve a blog that inspires others. My time in London is always being recorded via phone, notebook and memory. I collect things that other artists would appreciate. For others to wake up and read my blog would be wonderful. You wake up, make yourself a coffee/tea, grab yourself a chair/sofa/balconyoverlookingthesea and enjoy waking up to my posts. I hope once I’ve established myself and my blog I hope this dream is able to come true.


Take a look at their social accounts below and send them some feedback and appreciation. Also if anyone has already ordered their copy, please let me know your thoughts below, or on twitter! Lets discuss!!

Cereal Magazine Official Site – http://www.readcereal.com

Cereal Magazine Facebook – www.facebook.com/cerealmag

Cereal Magazine Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/cerealmag

Cereal Magazine Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/cerealmag


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The images from the post are (c) to Cereal Magazine

Many thanks for reading this post.

Have yourself a lovely evening and I’ll see you next time.


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