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Good evening readers, as promised is my mini series post.

Clams Casino – I’m God

I wrote in my previous post about shooting a minimalistic series. It happened whilst I was working for another branch and I was covering their store. Underneath the store held this tunnel system, for workers along the street to empty the stores rubbish into bins.

I decided to take a few photos because of the aesthetics of the tunnels. The black hand railings against the dirty white walls, gave a strong contrast immediately. The impact of the pipes, thrusting through the walls and turning corners gave strength to the corridors. There was something bold about the tunnels, the colour, or lack of it.

The lines drawn with every frame my eye captured. Knowing this beautiful, minimal place existed underneath the place I was working gave me this rush. To be honest I find it hard to described the impact it gave me…

To sum it up a sentence, I would say.

With an industrial front, the minimalism of the corridors, hallowed emptiness and silence.

I felt a connection to the space I was in, something about what I described above hit home. Standing strong and fronting strength, but the space inside is hollow, empty, nothing.

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I love the graphic texture from the dirt in the shots. It made it more pure, a tainted purity. It wasn’t placed there, it has always been there.


I imagine I’ll find some more interesting places, that I will be able to photograph through my time in London. I look forward too it, and to sharing with you readers as well.

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Thank you for checking out this more, ‘personal’ post. Through photography, I have shown a piece of me which makes me feel uncomfortable. I hope my message was able to get across. As an artist, I feel its important to myself to express myself through my work, especially since I have a way of shying away from pondering worries. Using art as a silent escapism.

As I have previously mentioned, I feel closest as an artist to Alexander McQueen. He is my constant inspiration for the way he personifies art through his work and designs. The delicate balance of opposites, through his work is something I hope to achieve in my own work, be in photograph, illustration or fashion piece.

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As I wrap this up, I’m sitting in my cleaned/de-cluttered room. I have myself a little corner of minimalism. I said I’ve grown fond of this minimalism adoration. I have a perfect place to read and blog and sit and think. To fit with the theme of black and white.

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Have yourself a truly wonderful evening. I know I will be.


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