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Good afternoon to my wonderful readers.

I wanted to write a little piece on a brand that I discovered just before I moved into the city. I was on the hunt on Instagram for accounts that were minimal, perfectly stylish and simple. I found this gentlemen, who after following for some time, found out he worked for COS.

His IG feed hosted these beautiful minimal images, black and white tones against lines and shapes. It was ideally inspirational. It was his feed that gave me this new fondness for minimal fashion. For that I thank him for unknowingly introducing me to this wonderful brand.

Please feel free to listen the song of this post.

Marika Hackman – Bath Is Black

So onto the actual post and via Facebook saw COS Clothing feature new collections for their Spring/Summer wardrobes. Using the timeless shirt with their redesign, showcases their attention to minimal approach. The styles are simple and sharp. Check out the images.

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So these are the pieces. Minimal palette and hand crafted to such fine details. With my current photos I’ve been taken, wearing the shirts in the photos could make for a great photo opportunity. I’ll post my mini series in full on another post, but here is a sneak preview. The shoot was inspired by COS and its love of all things minimal. I’ve been really inspired by this brand and their artistic direction, their use of lines and how they show things


Really excited to share this mini series with you, for those who follow me on my Instagram, some of the images have already been featured on my feed. Please let me know your thoughts. It was taken below the cafe I was covering in, just before I left my shift I went exploring in the tunnels below. Found some beautiful sections to capture.


As we come to an end, I just wanted to share a brand that means so much to me artistically. A brand that inspires me with every direction they take. Moving towards London has really helped me appreciate these types of minimalistic brands.

Even their photography captures their aesthetics perfectly. So good!

I dont think I have ever seen shirts so crisp!

Are any of my readers fans of minimal art/style/fashion and so on. I admire architecture and the sheer force it can bring to a city. Imperial towers that are, what they are. Able to stand true and happily for some time. This is what I inspire to do with fashion.

For those interested in (and you should be) COS Clothing then check out their links below

Official website – COSSTORES


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Many thanks for checking out this post, feel free to leave a comment with any thoughts. Have yourself a great day too. I’m off to go into town and take some more photographs.


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