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Minimalistic art, style and fashion is what I am currently channelling in my time in London. Moving here, I am opened to this vast other collection of style and design. I’ve come across a brand that owns the minimal style with its broad range of bold, sharp cut collections.


–   O R P H A N   B I R D   –

Is the Scandinavian brand and holds its retro-futuristic approach to fashion style, with elegance and with flawless individuality. The duo is formed by Ciro Supino (Italian Designer) & his partner Sarah Lohman (Photographer/Visual Artist). They founded Orphan Bird in 2012 and it has currently established itself as a promising brand.


Lets check out some of the pieces from their website – www.orphanbird.com

10930532_842029552517010_300593313610658477_n 10801723_841969949189637_6069107402540072286_n 10906185_841596485893650_7235595083358880524_n 10425382_840373516015947_5835851250768190403_n SS14 Empty Blocks by Orphan Bird 10516701_797403216979644_8976223216654429464_n 10404514_802435029809796_772051858941341062_n structuredtoteob-1024x723 SS14 Empty Blocks by Orphan Bird

Also does anyone from the 90’s remember jelly shoes. Those were some wonderful shoes!

The brand takes its inspiration from minimal aesthetics, lines are very important and as a visualiser you can see where they come into place in the designs. The brand is fierce, but more in a subtle manner, unlike the previous brand I mentioned Paradigm Shift. Their minimal approach is more energetic, whilst this brand favours subtleness and gentle imperfections.

10941919_839350062784959_4397664517686217065_n SS14 Empty Blocks by Orphan Bird 10646862_761288863924413_872178157228667499_n10423631_839347922785173_4970708218229058364_n  16299_757364300983536_5141463197754511454_n AW14/15 Forms of Boundaries by ORPHAN BIRD HB 10906105_834689463251019_1685294871347163641_n10646739_772819569438009_4121626877168167820_n  bagsarchitecture-1024x667

The duo really make a wonderful team, as they both have the same vision. The clothes against the photographs are marvellous, they offset each other nicely. You can see the clothing, the sharp cut and minimal approach and at the same time, the beautiful artistic style of photography. Really pushing the designs forward in their collections.

It is easier to just view the images selected for this post. Words cannot portray a collection that is better seen visually. Please take your time to see the designs, the crisp cuts, the minimal palette and so on.

–   T H E I R   I N S P I R A T I O N   –

It comes from images collected from sites like Tumblr. All things chic, minimal yet awkward. Beautiful interior design staircases and so on.

1601404_710666288986671_4874390283669877173_n 10690196_776113685775264_435677542035839037_n

I love these images, the boldness against the subtleness, the white against the black, the lines against the shapes. Perfect in many ways.

The images here are taken from their site, but were originally used as inspiration from Tumblr.

So many thanks for following me with this post and viewing this brand. It has an edginess, much like Alexander McQueen.

Let me know your thoughts, below is their website, and you can follow them on Facebook too like I am.

Official Website – http://www.orphanbird.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/orphanbirdofficial

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