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Evening everyone!

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So New Years was a little while ago, much like Christmas. We are already busy in January with our new years resolutions! Hopefully they have lasted longer than two weeks! For me though, I’m always trying to be good and keep them. Thankfully I have been doing so!


My three year resolutions this year are:

– Be more confident in the clothes I wear, or want to wear. Explore fashion and find myself my London style. Wear with confidence.

– Keep on top of my blogging and continue to push it to become better. Adding new segments to it whenever I can. Cooking and LookBook.

– To create stories from moments out with friends, days/nights out, adventures from my time in London. I want to explore the centre and experience London lifestyle.


I just wanted to write a Happy New Year to my readers, new and old! I hope you all celebrated it better than I did. Mine was all very last minute!! In a nutshell,

– N Y E   T H E   S T O R Y –

– Came back from work, to find everyone I knew here in London, with each other or friends. They all had planned, my original plan was to see the fireworks in Central London. Since I’m staying in London and having work, I thought, next year or after that for fireworks.

– At home I got anxious about what I was doing, all alone on this evening. I decided to just head to Central London to be apart of it. Swing by a club to meet my friend Will and then do a circle and find my house mates somewhere by the river.

– Eventually got to Soho, about 11:45 I was outside the club. I thought Tom you fool, why’d you not come earlier. The line was crazy, the streets were crazy, I was crazy for coming out to Central on the busiest night of the year. It was just. CRAZY!!

– Anyway, after speaking to Will, I phoned my friend from back home so I would be with someone when the clock struck midnight. Sounds a bit Cinderella.

– The midnight clock struck and the fireworks lashed across the sky. After a little while I headed to the underground to take me towards Waterloo train station. I wanted to head back to Kingston, to get home before the masses of London needed to head back themselves. I thought I was on good time, but darn, I’d taken a wrong exit and landed just outside of Waterloo.

– The plan changed and I was forced to walk with the rest of the Londoners, might I add for 2 hours until I eventually got into Waterloo. They wanted a safe evening so they had directed us from the London Eye towards the Shard and then back round to Waterloo towards the back entrance. Being packed with the crowds and, obviously wearing my boots that give me blisters. I had time to think, you know. I thought, great Tom! Not only did you want these ‘moments’ to not be a part of your new 2015, you have just dragged one in from 2014. Even though I made it home for about 3:30am due to the train I was able to take, was not only the long one that takes 50 minutes to get back into Kingston Central. Then a painful walk home.

– I found my house mates had dodged the crowds and managed to take a train home quickly! Just how guys!!

– Got home and I peeled my boots off then hobbled into bed with slightly bleeding feet. I thought goodnight goodnight, I shall see you in the morning world!

– WELCOME TOM, TO 2015 –

Even with it all, I managed to take a lovely photo! – This was near Soho I think, down a side street. I assume anyway, I was lost to be fair for most of my night out!


Thinking about it, I have a GREAT story to tell people, it made me laugh whilst it was happening and looking back, Its good to know I can laugh about stuff like this.

I am really grateful that things seem to be turning around for me, my blog and my life. I am feeling more and more settled in Kingston and it feels like home. I’ve met some great new people and luckily have the ones who have supported me from back in Hampshire and Uni. So grateful for them all.

So one of the last things before I left 2014 was feeling unsure during the day about Fashion and wondering whether it is for me. Self doubt is something most people but artists especially go through. It can turn your world upside down and leave you vulnerable and hollow. During a moment at work, washing up and in amongst the cups of coffee and pastry plates, lay a single card. It was one of those moments in life, clarity about my thoughts. Some may agree and some may say it is silly.


I’m talking Tom Ford – The fact it was a fashion based card just sparked curious things in my mind.

Either way this year I will get onto something fashion based, I have a good feeling!

– S O C I A L   A C C O U N T S –

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Have yourself a fantastic evening everyone. Again, hoping you are all well, and enjoying your New Year!

Take care,


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  1. Happy New Year Tom! Hope 2015 is s great year for you. We still miss chatting to you when we go for coffee. It’s not the same! x

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