[Daily News] – My Rather Late Christmas Holiday Post

A nice morning to blog about my adventures over Christmas.

I would be writing this with a cup of tea, but I wore new shoes out and now I’m stuck in my bed with terribly sore feet.

I’m talking blisters! (and still no tea)

I would suggest getting comfy (with tea (and biscuits too!!) because it is a little lengthy this post)


Have a listen to an artist to which I had the pleasure of meeting, a couple years ago in London.

Alison Sudol is – A Fine Frenzy – Now Is The Start


So I headed back to Hampshire earlier than planned. The last week and a half, I had been battling some illness that left me like an empty shell. I suspect it was food related, but it was horrible, I couldn’t eat or drink either. I lost a huge amount of weight that left me gaunt looking. I went to the doctors and on a Sunday evening was told I was fine.

I felt rough and sick, nauseous, dehydrated, cold, hot, upset and was in pain. Even now I am unsure what it was. Thankfully though, I’m feeling much better and keeping food in my body. Still drinking plenty of water and resting.

Because of this, I was signed off from work and I headed back home to Hampshire, to rest in a warm house.

Is it bad I thought, ‘at least I lost some weight, especially along the waistline’. No Tom, just no!

Before I headed back home, my flatmates and I had a little Christmas meal before we all departed to family and loved ones. It was lovely!

B A C K   I N   H A M P S H I R E

As it came towards Christmas, and after I kept my first meal down the night before on my mums birthday I decided to pop into Farnham (where I grew up and went to uni there). Mum and I went into town to get some last bits, real casual and at our own pace. I did joke about the people dining in view of the shops, clearly laughing at the people who were panic buying.

So I wanted to dress up nicely and I polished my shoes I used to wear all the time in Farnham. Sadly these little shoes were worn to such a state, that the tips of the shoes have been worn away. I wear them on special occasions only.


Once in town, we headed to some shops to find some odd bits for stockings.

I decided to snapchat my entire day to my new friend Will, also thinking that it would be great for my blog too.

In fact the whole holidays I snapped an awful lot. So be warned!

Mum made me try on a shirt for my dad at ‘Crew Clothing’ – It was lovely. but a size to big for me. Especially with my post illness gaunt body.

IMG_5980 IMG_5983IMG_5982

After our trips around the town centre and after the trip to the flourist.


We needed a coffee to just sit and rest. Luckily I got dibs on where to go and we headed to Maison Blanc. Having blogged about this wonderul cafe before, and since I havent been able to find one in Kingston yet! I needed some of their macaroons.


It got to that point in the day too, where we both were feeling a little hungry. So we decided to indulge in Lavender Macaroon or 5. No sadly, we only had one each, there were only a small portion on stand, even though I could have quite easily inhaled more.

Because I was in Farnham, I headed to this wonderful shop. Sadly I still don’t know the name, but I got my tux for prom there. It is magic.

A very proud, British country gent shop. I took some snaps, also missing a couple as the photos did not come out too well. NEXT TIME!

IMG_5988 IMG_5994 IMG_5992 IMG_5995 IMG_5991 IMG_5987 IMG_5990 IMG_5996

After that we headed to Waitrose for the most unrelaxing shop against the horde of fantic last minute shoppers. We just needed some stuff for lunch that day!


We finished some last minutes decorations when we got home and was just lazy.

C H R I S T M A S   D A Y

IMG_6023Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

So Christmas this year was different than my previous holidays. Firstly it was at my house, back home in Kingsley. We usually head on over to another Cooper clan’s house for a large family get together. After last years ‘Eastenders’ style one, we wanted to have that intimate initial family one. It was quaint and even feeling a little down from my sickness, helped out with the tree and the meal. Even stretched it to a glass of wine. (or two!)

It was lovely to have a chilled, no fuss day without arguing (only a little with the younger brothers). I cannot wait for one year, when I have a flat nice enough to host Christmas.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset IMG_6082IMG_6061

So here are some shots of the house in its festive glory. Now onto the food (YAAAS!!) Oh, I do like my food! Especially with an appetite coming back to me.

IMG_6076 IMG_6089  IMG_6071 IMG_6073 IMG_6074

This is actually the best combination. Brussel sprouts with lightly toasted, flaked almonds. PERF

IMG_6075 IMG_6084 IMG_6087 IMG_6086

Goose fat roast potatoes are the only way to do them.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset IMG_6027

This was the final outcome!


Topped off the day with the gifts from the family and it was lovely. Whilst everyone was enjoying the evening, I was lounged in front of the tv watching a festive film that was on. It was Predator. As in, Alien and Predator, Predator. I just dont even know how that is related to Christmas.

So I wanted to wish some of my snappers a Happy Christmas – So even though it is already mid January I am writing this, hoping that the Thorpe family had a smashing holidays! Also to Carol too, who is another close friend. Hoping you all had a lovely few days of rest!

IMG_6096 IMG_6095 IMG_6097 IMG_6101 IMG_6098

Decided to snap to various people and just take some fun shots. So since I was a little under the weather, I was more on the SHLOER, rather the wine.



I headed up to bed after a near midnight shop. I bought myself some new London style clothes for my London look. I mean I have the gap in the front teeth already and those long eyelashes. Just need myself a city look to match! Get the London look am I right!

I had done a little online shopping and with my savings, slash Christmas funds and ordered some new pieces for this London look.


As I write this, there has been a little break, but I’m back after a very stressful electric bill scare! But I’m sorted and my clothes that I ordered, have finally arrived and we are all cool!

I shall write a post separately about them so stayed tuned. Worth a read on that one!

I forgot to mention that we had a flat fire too. Not a large one, but a socket caught fire from this wall heater. Needless to say the smell was awful and after we got through to the landlord, it eventually got fixed. It gave us all a shock to be fair, we werent expecting that!

Just some added info about the holidays before I went to Hampshire!!

B A C K   T O   T H E   N I C E   P A R T S   O F   C H R I S T M A S

So here is my outfit for Christmas day. Managed to make this cable knit jumper work! Its taken me awhile!

IMG_5950Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Needless to say my favourite gift was this to myself. THANK YOU POUNDLAND. This was literally £1 and back in the day, was my first ever CD. I cant remember if I have it still, so wanted to bring back that memory, as it was Christmas many years ago I first got this.


I wont lie, the next morning I felt like this.


B O X I N G   D A Y

So Boxing day was nice as we headed to our close friends, the Sharpes. I was heading back to Kingston so they kindly gave us a lunch meal instead of the usual evening dinner festivities. It was wonderful and lovely to see them all.

IMG_6135 IMG_6136

We drank, played games, talked and just enjoyed the day.

So that about wraps up my holidays. I apologies for it being late and for being ill and not writing when I should have.

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Many thanks for reading, I hope my new friends, family, readers and passers by had a beautiful holidays!

Take care


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