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I’ve been looking at artists and focusing on themes of lines and shapes. It seems that those factors are strong for next years fashion trends too.

Joao Pimenta 2014-15 summer mens runway looks

I’ve been writing about lines and shapes and material recently, it seems I was onto something. Hail the year of the geometric, moody colour/metallic fusion. Going to be a good one!


Looking at the catwalk collections of Designer – Joao Pimenta, we can see these traits in his designs.


Patterns pop and the textiles are rich with mixed fabrics. The cuts are dynamic and very loud. perfect for a new year?


Fashion styles are determined to enter 2015 with a bang. What are you thoughts? I love the fight between each trait. The dull colours against the lines and shapes, the violent, yet calming ambience of the outfits work wonderfully. Especially for England’s weather!


A gorgeous collection, showcasing some intriguing concepts.



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