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Here is the the brand –

–   P A R A D I G M   S H I F T   –


It’s an explosive taste of style. Minimalistic colours, against fine details, gives this edgy brand, a strong step in the fashion world. Everyone is always after the brand that is different and not part of the mainstream buzz. This is where this brand comes in.

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It is a brand that enjoys being odd and only those confident about style and fashion wear this brand. You either wear it, or it wears you.

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It is like the ultimate edgy street wear. This brand featuring mesh, panel, mirror and shredded details. Shapes are lines, and lines form shapes. It is contemporary fashion, fierce and full of attitude.

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Have a look at the images in the post and you can see the attention to shapes this brand has too. An almost futuristic approach to the way clothing will evolve, with geometric infusions and mirrored textiles.

It is like fantasy. Definitely a brand to watch with some unusual collections on their site.

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I love the art direction of this brand also. The opening video for their website just oozes creativity. Check it!

Check out these bloggers wearing the brand.

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Here is Karl Euterio (hoping I spelt that correct) in his Mirror shirt with DIY leather sleeves. Amazing!


Here is Pual Jatayna wearing his Mirror shirt. The more people I see in this shirt, the more I want one.

Lastly here is David Guison, sporting the same shirt with a great look.


Thanks for checking out these images.

Check out their website yourself, through the link below.


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