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An evening post for you readers of an artist, that inspires me through her photography. Specifically, her capturing of the human body, in her series of prints/installations called –

‘C h a n g i n g   T i m e’

Have a listen to –

‘S k i p   &   D i e’

A beautiful series that shows the human form in water. The work is tranquil and encapsulating. You are drawn to how she captures the human form, skin and the lines through her work are wonderful.


I myself am draw to the human body for my own designs. If I am honest, my approach on seeing art can only be described as in Alexander McQueens ‘Savage Beauty’ book. I try to explain how I see art as a form, a physical being and from reading his book, I was able to say, like this, like McQueen.

Back to Ramona’s work, I am drawn into her colours, and as I said above the lines across the prints. The fractured discord and escapism. Where the water meets the skin, that single line that runs between each physical form is intriguing. It gives me an idea, inspiring tandems of creative thoughts that are strung along, to form a design in my head.

If I am honest, the neck is something that I try to push in my own illustrations. I will sit in front of a mirror and capture the line from the cheek to the jaw, and finally downwards towards the collarbone of myself. I love the neck in general, one of my favourite parts of the body. Each contour and each imperfection that maps out my face and forms me, as a physical form. The lines I see in myself, people and these prints, inspire how I could take that simple unnoticed ‘point’ of the body, and turn it into a design. My illustrations seem to take on that elongated neck approach too. And lines are very important to me, it is why I love Ramona’s work.

She has 4 series all with a similar theme. Her first is her, diving straight into the human form underwater. The plastic state, water creates as it covers skin, the lines, the depth of the skin under the surface. The details and of course the shattered sate of form. A beautiful gallery to look through. Each photo is similar yet so different from the last.

There is almost a hint of SShakespeareanand Greek influence with the form of the bodies. Much like the old style statues, the bulk of muscles against the colours of a Shakespearean era. Two very different styles, but smashed together in a harmonious balance in Ramona’s work.


The photos are intimate and gorgeous.

Romona Zordini talks about her art in the quote below.

The project Changing Time explores the theme of CHANGE thought of as mental and physical change related to personal instincts, lifestyle, emotion and the paths taken in the course of existence in a sort of writing indelibly imprinted on and in their bodies, portrayed in ‘liquid element’.

The series go on and explore new themes within a similar style. Please check the post to find my favourite ones from her website.


In her 4th series she takes on the form of the prints by sewing directly onto the image. Specifically the part of the image where the body is exposed out of the water. The lips, chest, hands and legs are elevated out of the print in fabric. It gives another dimension to the series, a twist on the theme of evolution perhaps?

Series 1 – Changing Time I

43_488_135473605044_1152_1352846036 44_1243_1352846032 44_588_1352845979 44_226_1352845982 44_1873_1352845990 44_567_1352845996 44_978_1352846001 44_1971_1352846007

Series 2 – Changing Time II

48_1292_1390247946 48_602_1390247923 48_1138_1390247911 48_1875_1372118345 48_1548_1375623244 48_1650_1375623256 48_1957_1372030461 48_1371_1372030454 48_1990_1372030447 48_1540_1372030439

Series 3 – Changing Time III

49_251_1389563664 49_32_1389563651 49_369_1389563645 49_920_1389563639 49_428_1385421296 49_933_1385421277 49_1363_1385421262 49_716_1385977126 49_1604_1389563055 49_1898_1389563070 49_34_1389563630

So the time comes to end this post, but I hope you enjoyed this artists work.

A moving, yet still, and capturing collection, that is definitely worth browsing through. Check out more of Ramona’s work in the link below!


Images are (c) to Ramona Zordini

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Have yourself a fantastic evening.


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