[Daily News] Apologies For The Absence Readers

Afternoon to my lovely readers, I just wanted to write a quick post to apologies for the absense and for those who might not have been able to get onto my page in the last week or two.

Feel free to have a listen to Grimes

Ok, so my subscription had ended and needed to be renewed and I have over the last 5/6 days dealt with, what I believe food poisoning. I’m seeing a doctor today but I have eaten anything for 5 days because my body just pushes it away. I’ve been drinking lots of water to keep myself hydrated but even that is hard.

The last thing I ate was chicken to which might be the problem, I’ve a sensitive stomach and have had previously when I was in secondary/high school Campylobacter which I had on a series level. I’m hoping it is that again because I know that I can get better with the medicine.

I am ok I think, but just very frail and ill, with fever, shakes, upset stomach, nausea, weak joints and weight loss. I’m very gaunt and my legs are so boney. Over the last 6 days seriously lost some weight.

Fingers crossed for a full recovery because I have things I want to blog about. I”ll keep you posted and If I can bring myself to get some posts done I shall do so.

I hate feeling like this because I am always on the go and running around and not stopping.

But for now I rest and go into town for some medicine. My appointment is this afternoon.

As you can see from my snapchat photo above, I’ve lost weight from last time I posted a picture of me.

Again, for my absence and for those unable to get onto my blog. Many thank and sorry!!

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