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Good evening readers, I’ve been exploring more fashion genres and types of art. Broadening my knowledge for my own future designs and I discovered a trend from Tumblr called.

–   S E A P U N K   –

Have you got yourself a tasty treat to read with and more importantly, a brew to enjoy what I’ve found below. If not I’ll wait whilst you make that cup of tea.

Ok, you ready now? Wonderful!

But what is it exactly I’ve found, well for those interested in different and unusual art forms. There are many types of cultures in art and more importantly are the subcultures that dwell in the depths. (pun intended)

Listen to this whilst you read

A Z E A L I A   B A N K S   –   A T L A N T I S

Seapunk blossomed in 2011 with social sites like Tumblr. A small micro culture that holds reminiscence for 90’s culture. Music, fashion and art all intertwine with the stylising of Seapunk. Even before you understand what it is all about, if it’s a hipster sounding term, you’ll bet there will be colours and iconography. Taking influences from the sea and you can picture this genre instantly. The nice thing about this group is that you don’t know about it, until you know about it.

Are you ready to drown into this culture? (tell me this wont be filled with puns!)



Blues and greens are the soul colours for this type of genre. And geometric shapes too. 90’s imagery can be found throughout it too, smiley faces are a common one. Animals such as dolphins and sharks portrayed against Greek symbolic architecture, are edited together, along with light beams and trance like movements.


It is actually quite a fun genre and definitely one to look into further. Although quite new, the rise of this seapunk have even thought to have inspired some major fashion names such as Versace and artists like Azealia Banks too. Kylie Jenner was seen last May with blue tips in her hair.


So that individual you saw sporting green hair isn’t on drugs but possibly part of the seapunk sub culture. A fan to the wild side of the ocean.



From the images you can see the 90’s internet appeal. The dated, yet charming Microsoft iconography. They say that seapunk flows into another sub culture term called “vaporwave”, which against the ocean scenic images, lies more so, with the appeal towards the old school computer hype, the era of windows 95 and Microsoft paint. When the internet was a plain as you can make it, pixel by pixel.



The pictures almost look like something you would have created, back when you were first using the internet. Making a poster that, at the time back in the 90’s would be in style, yet now, hold some great nostalgic class.



It is one of those things to whether, you enjoy this subculture. For me, I do, it is fun. It is another way in which fashion can be created from it. As an aspiring designer and mixed artist, I find various imperfections beautiful. It is just how I see art as a form. I grew up with windows 95 and I remember when I would connect to the internet. And it being, grey, minimal and boxy. Unlike the glossy web we are all accustomed to today.


If you are a fan, but not dedicated to throw yourself into the deep end (is that a hint of a pun, I won’t lie, it is). Try a light approach, with softer pastel greens and blues for that splash (yes another pun, oh dear!) of seapunk culture.


Are you a fan of the wild side of the ocean?

King of Atlantis, Queen of the Tide.

Thanks for checking out this post. Let me know your thoughts below or on twitter. I’ve even got an idea for an OOTD (in the future) with dyed hair sporting this seapunk theme. Looking forward to it!

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