[Fashion News] – Glam Glam Lana Del Rey – Photographed By Francesco Carrozzini

Evening, and what is better than curling up by the fire and listening to Lana Del Rey.

Sadly I am no longer back in my country house and am braving the chill instead. I do so miss my log burner. I promise to not drag on about the winter chills.

Please play this whilst reading the blog below.

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Photographs from Galore Magazine.



Now I came across these wonderful photographs of Lana Del Rey by Francesco Carrozzini.

Her boyfriend, captured the sultry goddess in her 70’s glamour.


Now this is my favourite of the collection, it beautifully captures Lana, showing her playful self against her on screen persona. Her adorable smile against her fierce presence is much like the ocean behind her. Not to mention the fur coat does look rather warm, (back to not having a heater again!)

The calmness in her expression could relate to how the waves lap against the shore. Gentle and dreamlike. Yet her regal elegance and sheer dominating persona, can be shown through wild, violent waves. I think that is what makes a good artist. Someone who can portray themselves through art and still staying true to themselves. Having fun in what they do and managing to capture raw artistic form. Whether it be, photographs like this collection, fashion or art.


Fierce fashion photography showing a little different side, to the Lana we know. Lana posed in numerous shots revealing a little skin, but done delicately to keep her effervescent presence in tact. As they are both artists, they understand the fine line between, artistic and inappropriate. The couple are perfect together and the photos capture how smashingly they sync in both relationship and even in little arty projects like this one.


Lana charmed her 70’s goddess approach in this shoot. Wearing au natural make-up, along with distinctive cat eye liner for that bold look. Her pale lips add that touch of softness against her eyes. The piercing stare from the shoot and her whole wardrobe work wonders for this style of shoot, almost like looking back at another time. Capturing threads of time.



Have a look through the post for the collection of shots taken by her boyfriend Francesco. Capturing another time and place using details from make-up and clothing.


The soft, pink dress that falls over her body, whilst she is draped by a beautiful fur coat, absolutely beautiful! Play the jazz music and viewing these photos, and you are taken from your seat and delved into an artistic trance.


Her Goddess status truly befits her.

– Q U E E N   L A N A –

An absolutely glamorous collection by Francesco featuring Lana Del Rey.

Photographs from this collection are (c) to Galore Magazine, Francesco & Lana Del Rey.

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Thank you kindly for taking the time to read this blog post. After stumbling across the photos, I felt I had to share the beautiful collection with you readers. Let me know your thoughts below or talk to me on my Twitter.

Have yourself a lovely evening.


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