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I’m back and with a fantastic post from Wildfox, a brand which about a year ago, I had posted about on my blog. The post featured a ‘Blue Lagoon’ inspired collection, the link can be found below.



So onto the post, In the height of the summer Jeremy Scott revealed his Barbie Moschino collection and cause waves in the fashion community.


The idea to bring back the joy into fashion.


As an aspiring designer, I’ve seen how fashion is progressing and from my perspective, seems to be more controversy than creativity. Fashion is the most power form of art, allowing many factors to be considered all in one moment.

wildfox-barbie-dreamhouse-resort-2014-02 wildfox-barbie-dreamhouse-resort-2014-04  wildfox-barbie-dreamhouse-resort-2014-18

Jeremy Scott’s collection was fun, creative and happy. It was all about the design and what the design brought back to the millions of women around the world, who had or still own a Barbie.


Granted his designs were fantastic, but I imagine for a few fashion lovers, too impratical to wear out and about. Which is where Wildfox comes in. Wildfox takes its own spin on the Barbie theme. There are many different takes on the Brabie theme for this years fashion, but you’ll see the same thing.  Using its own love for vintage touches and capturing perfectly the essence of its subjects, the collection below is even closer to the homage of Barbie.

wildfox-barbie-dreamhouse-resort-2014-07 wildfox-barbie-dreamhouse-resort-2014-08

Check out the photos in the post and let me know your thoughts.

DREAMHOUSE_BOOK_14 wildfox-barbie-dreamhouse-resort-2014-05 wildfox-barbie-dreamhouse-resort-2014-06

That is what I love about Wildfox and yes, granted it is for women, I love the whole brand. The design and sheer force it creates with its posts/collections, is well, breathtaking. I appreciate the artistic direction each collection brings and have nothing but respect for the brand and all it stands for. It is empowering as a fashion brand.


I also like how the brand broke up the vast collection of imagery with recipes boards. It is a nice touch to the brand.


So the collection showcases a variety of casual clothing, inspired by the colours of the 80. Pastels are rich here with pink and blue tones. Comfortable designs to, for easy days at the Malibu dream house. (Or your apartment overlooking the train station, if you are living in England!) Regardless, the line of clothing is beautiful and Wildfox’s trademark filtered photography, captures everything wonderfully.


A soft pastel dreamland of subtle laziness, but thriving elegance and empowerment. This is the Wildfox, Barbie Dreamhouse, Resort collection.

Check out their website here:




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