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Good afternoon everyone.


I’m feeling happy today as two days ago, started my 2 week break from work! Time for myself to be productive and in the middle of this week, return to the countryside to visit the family. I’m blogging and waking up early to seize the day!


So onwards to this post and I stumbled across and bare with me for being late to the subject, but resin Jewellery. I saw photos and decided it looked fun! Not to mention my fathers company, is an independent supplier to the film/television and art industry, that produces resin and casting moulds. I have the opportunity to actually give it a go!


Have a look at the link below and if any doubts or queries, when contacting on the phone ask for mike cooper. He will be able to help you with questions!


I wanted to do a little post of some of the inspirational photos I’ve come across from Google and actual resin casting artists that have their own shop on-line for customers to buy from. I have been thinking of this resin and the possibilities and if the movies and TV have taught me anything, it is endless.

drift gifts

Resin is a wonderful material and for fashion, I’ve been getting some ideas to help me make it! All in good time though!


So I want to do for a select couple of artists their own post. For now, just a quick summary of my intentions and inspirations.


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Thank you and have yourself a pleasant day!

Photos credited to Google image search.


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