[Fashion News] – Men! Dont Be Grey This Winter

Another late, grey, cold and wet, evening here. Grim.

This sort of post would be perfect for men of all ages. The styles in the photos are more aimed at the mature gentlemen, but if you are able to pull of these trends as a youthful looking gent, you can give yourself definition.


Decided it would be good to post about ‘the grey months’ coming up. Summer has left and autumn is here for a short time. The colours of fall are beautiful and then for most of us unlucky enough, winter is more grey than white. The months seem to drag on, as the mornings start dark and as late afternoon approaches, its darker than usual. You set out when it’s dark and before you even leave work its dark. Its upsetting for most, commuters and professional work people.


Fear not though because you can keep that warm spirit alive with your wardrobe, its not just that pumpkin spiced latte in your hand. I shall be focussing on bursts of warm colours into your outfits. Just remember that autumn is also a wonderful time to show layers and play with textures and patterns. But for this post we shall focus on the strength of colour and its importance.

We can all say that for professional business men, dark and light grey suits are smart. Perfect for all year around, what can set you apart could be a burst of autumn colour. The richness of the fall palette, is that you are given a huge choice of colour to define your autumn collection.


But it isn’t just suits, but any casual, smart-casual to smart outfit. Find yourself mustard yellows, deep yellows, oranges, purples, browns and reds, the colours of a changing leaf. Go out outside and gather inspiration from the season around you, foliage, the smell of coffee on an autumn day is deeper, richer. Unlike fruit tea’s in the spring to keep you perky and fresh, you would be channelling filtered, greens and light, almost pastel colours. Think fresh petals, that sort of approach.


If you manage to see the world in a specific direction you then have an arsenal of choice at your disposal. The leaves around you give you possibilities, the low sunset and sun rises against the charcoal of the city buildings, show you what colours clash elegantly against the grey hues.


You shouldn’t have to dress grey, and grey and then grey until spring rears its head, it will prolong the cold season ahead. Your mood will be dull and lifeless, and at times bitter. Even for winter, adding some colour can boost your day, mood and even other peoples views you meet during that day. It might sound dumb but a angry commuter in grey arguing to a train station staff member will be a daily event for most. But wearing your yellow turtle neck, you are warm, you are set apart from the everyday business man. You give off this light in the dusky morning fog. Its no different to room colours, a blue room is nice but instantly feels cool, unlike a yellow room which leaves you feeling warm.


Even so, its good for the soul to try and get through the cold months with haste. The time of year which is only nice when it snows. That blanket of purity and silence that befalls England, if we are lucky enough, will be once, if not twice a year. Really putting some effort into what colours will suit the time of year can be beneficial in many ways.


My advice would be to go outside, take a camera and go for a walk. Firstly wrap up warm. The glum months ahead are not going to be pleasant if you are battling colds. So walk, take photos of the colours, from nature against nature, to nature against city life. The colours of the coffee beans at your local cafe to the sky, in its many dusk hues. Make yourself a collage or mood board, to help give you some order when putting together pieces from your wardrobe.


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Many thanks for reading, I hope you are all enjoying a warm house. My flat is like, ice covered ice, my toes and fingers are numb. Lord give me a hot chocolate!

Photos credited to Pinterest and myself.

Take me back to this evening above! My mother took me to take photographs, of this desolate woodland with a blanket of ferns running through the trees. Just standing there I felt content, as a person, these sort of moments are my favourite.


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