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Firstly, I hope you are all doing well, my morning so far has consisted of, ironing, tv shows and tea. And now I’ve time to blog! I’m also pumped up to see #Annabelle later with my cousin and her boyfriend. Thumbs up!


H Y P E   C L O T H I N G   –   S I M P S O N S

So I was looking at things to blog about, although I have a crazy long list, I wanted something fresh! As I was browsing clothing sites, I navigated myself to Topman. And what do I see on their front page, but the Simpsons.


Hype, specifically has a line of clothing with the colourful cast of the Simpsons on! Yes it is as cool as it sounds! Granted Hype’s hype and not going cheaply either for a sweater, but selling for £40 British pounds. It is a statement sweater that is intended to be seen. Other items include, joggers, tee’s and shorts.











If I hadn’t of blown a huge chunk of money the last time I went shopping, (my bed throw was the last thing I purchased) I would have gotten myself any piece from the collection in the post.



Personally, I wouldn’t have the guts to wear the entire outfit out of the house, lacking confidence and all. But sweaters and joggers are also great for wintertime and cold mornings at home. I would however wear the sweaters or tee’s out and pair it with something less striking to then boost the top half of the whole outfit. But that is just my opinion!



The collection is bold, bright and brilliant! Much like the Simpsons themselves.

Check the link below to take you to Topman and search Simpsons in bar at the top of their page.


Let me know your thoughts below!

Sadly for me, I’ve got to wait until the sales. Rent before couture? That’s a thing right?

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