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Good Afternoon!!

I hope you are all having a smashing morning so far. Ok so a LITTLE late in being more active on this blog as I said back in Hampshire. But, I have official moved towards London. Specifically in Kingston Upon Thames, but my argument to some naysayers is, buses run 24 hours a day, the Thames runs through and it looks like London! Its a starting point, ahaha

L I S T E N   T O   T H E   M I X   B E L O W

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O N W A R D S   T O   T H E   P O S T

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So I moved into my flat, which is delightful, around the 20th of Sept. Below shows my old family home and part of the garden. Flat photos are later in the post. I believe it was of, some of the last photos I took of home.

Photo 15-09-2014 13 56 52 Photo 15-09-2014 13 58 04

Left the countryside for the city life and after a couple of days of sleepless nights and the thought of being axed in my sleep by a city dweller, I was fine! Even though I’m sleeping with a rolling pin next to my bed, just in case. I did however buy myself a throw for my bed, and no matter how much I adore IKEA, my £5 lime green, fleece blanket I’ve loved for years… no longer cuts it. I’m in London and this is my first time moving out, my first flat, I need a real blanket. Not only is this new Latte one warm but soft too and gentle on skin too.

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So I’ve already jumped straight into my new work here, in my previous management. I’ve been welcomed by a loving team and they have done nothing short of making me feel welcomed and happy with my new placement. The store I work in is Bentalls, a wondrously huge and beautifully designed building.

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Not to mention I have a beautiful late start in the morning, which means I can enjoy breakfast again! Hoo’rah!

I moved into my flat with two girls, one who I used to live with at Uni, Georgie

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and my new flatmate Sophia, (damn! She turned around!)

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who also writes ‘TheLeatherBound’ at:

www.theleatherbound.wordpress.com (Check her out)

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Georgie and Sophia both knew each other from their old workplace. Just us three, so its cozy, like a little family. The only thing I would moan about are the days we all have off together. Would be nice to have more of those to go exploring and adventuring into unknown areas! Photographing and illustrating our days! Sadly I’m full time work and I have to be free 7 days a week for my retail job. But I’m happy I can support myself! We’ll see what the future holds ~

So I’ve been taking some photographs of my recent travels too and from work and which will be all throughout the post. Since it shall be a fairly lengthy one.

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Photo 06-10-2014 21 01 13

So after arriving here I planned to sort out everything but going straight to work left me with little time. I started covering at other stores too in other locations around London. Steakhouse photo was taken next door to the Cafe I worked in in Richmond, (not a huge fan of the people there, very rude because its a very post part).

Being a complete country pleb, literally had no idea on how to use the bus system here. The train stations were a little different and everything was rush, rush, rush!

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But that is what and why I like the city. The rush attitude, drives me to write my blog and experience new things, be more confident and such. I used to say that my visits to Central London made me feel re-energised because I would get back to the country and still on a contact high from the atmosphere, I would blog and write and enjoy seeing my page grow. I love the countryside but I feel I am one of those people who would live in the city and choose to go to the countryside to relax. So I’ve moved to Kingston Upon Thames and I am one step closer to being a proper LANDAN CITY BOI. Don’t worry I wont be talking like that! But its another step closer to my dream!

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I bought myself a Zombie game, even though I love me some clothes and fashion shows, still a gamer!

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So those who know me, horror topics freak me out but I’ve decided to just man up and watch horror films and play games of horror genre! And I’m hooked, pun intended. Literally couldnt put this down! My cousin and her boyfriend got me into horrors and it became my crack. All I wanted to do was watch them, so, I thought zombie game! LETS DO IT.

Photo 24-09-2014 12 32 46

It’s actually a great game, set on a tropical Island with some creepy town areas but for the large part of it, you get swimsuit zombie’s running across the beach towards you. It is wonderful and I have spent a few hours playing it rather than blogging!! It’s made me jump a few times but was worth it!

I thought this clip was hilarious and after laughing to myself for 5 mins, decided to end the rave!

So as I’m writing this, I’ve just had my haircut (after two months) by Angela the lady who owns the salon below our flat! Had a smashing chat and was lovely to just chill without the hassle taking a bus into town. I still miss you Kathy and our wondrous chats about everything, from our dreams, to drunken videos on singing, sent to one another. Listening to Ella Fitzgerald too, which leaves a calming atmosphere in my room, perfect for typing to.

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So below are some shots on the flat itself, I feel it is quite quaint! I enjoy the view from the kitchen window, the colours on the tree are rich! Through autumn it shall look marvellous, such a smart tree. My room is still in need of some sorting but lack of storage (that I liked) is the current problem!

The photos below are a sort of walk through of the house until my room, excluding the girls, their privacy and all. Hopefully you get the gist of how it looks. Quite quaint ~

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So far I’ve been fully welcome into my new job, drinks after work. Co-workers have been amazing, supportive to see whether I needed anything or help with the area. The store Bentalls is majestic and like another world. I’ve met a couple of ladies who work on the upper floors. Made one of them laugh by customizing her coffee cup in the morning, just like I did back in Hampshire! Meeting new people is what I love about city life.

Photo 12-10-2014 14 32 15

So I’ve said, I haven’t really explored the area much. I’ve tried to find new routes to work, to keep things fresh and to find interesting places to snap on my phone. My main priority was finding Waitrose, safe to say I’ve found it. Mind you its busy here so its not as peaceful shopping as Hampshire was. The amount of choice in stores and food stalls and even coffee shops is so vast. I had Japanese food the other day, because I just could!

Photo 30-09-2014 14 42 38

I’m currently enduring a bloody cold too, one that just will not go. I’ve spent a fortune on cold remedies and supplements but its not shaking. On top of that, I feel another one approaching. I guess no heating in the house helps! Yikes! After being sent home I went into Waitrose and bought the items below to help fight the cold!

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I shall have a look at my blog to see if I can make specific pages for easier navigation. I’ve set up a Lookbook account too for the outfit posts. Not only have, pushed myself but I’m joining the Gym to tone up for the blog and for myself. The gym I checked out is fantastic, £37 for first month and then £17 a month for the rest. After that it never goes up again. There is no contract to stick to too, which means if I move out next year I am able to just cancel and move. The gym also is 24 hours a day which leaves me thinking, if I am able to get up early I can exercise in the morning at 5am till 6:30 and back in time to shower and get ready for work. Or even a late night session in the evening after work.

So my next step is getting back into illustration my ink fashion pieces and also getting back onto my blog daily and cracking out posts. Now that I am here I’ve got new segments for the blog, a ‘Cooking & Recipes’ and ‘OOTD – What I Wore Today’ section. I’ve started drawing again and bought myself another fashion illustration book. A course would be preferred but we’ll see if I can find myself one!

Really looking forward to starting both new segments too, especially OOTD, feeling that will help me greatly for my fashion career.

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W H A T   I   A M   W E A R I N G   T O D A Y

I had been gathering an assortment of clothing for this section, because a lot of the top fashion bloggers & stylists have themselves gotten a nice following for their outfit and style choices. Hoping that will in turn give me a boost for my presence.

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Now I am here, I have been following a strict (have not) plan on my route into fashion. So far I have been spending money, which i know is a bit naughty! BUT, I’ve started to save again and making sure I’ve got a nice amount of hours at the work to ensure I can save enough to start doing some fashion related evening courses. My house mate Georgie has just got herself a job at Fabric Land – which means discount fabric for us all in the house!

Since I have already written quite a lengthy amount, I won’t continue to drag on, but just letting you guys know, I am safely in the London vicinity. It took a long and very hard working year, but I got here and from here onwards, things will continue to keep moving forward for my dream. At times I had almost given up but challenging myself every time I had doubts to continue to push and fight for what I dream of doing in the city. My previous customers saw my highs and lows as I frequently continued to talk to them and without them, (and they know who they are) I wouldn’t have made it towards London at all.

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I   L O V E   T H I S   O U T F I T

I really want to make my blog successful and really broaden my arsenal for what is included on my blog, what types of clothing I buy, types of fabric too. Really go the extra mile in making it a great read for everyone of all types. I dont want a generic blog focussing on one aspect but rather a handful of interesting subjects.

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I will get my Tumblr & Instagram account for my blog more updated too for those interested in following.

So here is to the continued plan, but new chapter in my current goal.

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Many thanks for reading!! Hope you have enjoyed the read and the music that was linked in the post.

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