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Some sad news for those Crystal Castle fanatics, the electronic power couple from Canada have gone their separate ways. Some considerate sad news as even Rolling Stones covered the story.



When I first heard Alice’s bone chilling voice, encapsulated against her haunting screams and an ominous backing beat, I thought, woah. I was at a party and it wasn’t until I asked my friend who this was, I began to burn for Crystal Castles. The empowering melodies that taunted me, lead me to really involve the duo into my own creative work and life. You know when you have a rubbish day and you are left feeling glum. Crack on the CC and instant empowerment, almost like a calling. It was fierce, as fierce as Alice as an individual. She was her own person and for that, is one of my various female muses for my own creative work.



Wonderful amounts of respect to Alice and her take on music and issues regarding feminism. She was empowering and fierce, like a hurricane. It wasn’t just her stage presence but the way she talks about topics regarding women and music.


Another blogger who wrote a fantastic piece on Crystal Castles and I quote,

The album for their third (and last) album, III, is a striking picture of a woman in a burka, cradling her wounded son in a way that distinctly recalls the Virgin Mary and Jesus in Michelangelo’s Pietàsculpture. It was taken at an anti-government protest in Yemen.

Michelle Lhooq (2014)

Alice and Ethan created symbolic references and portrayed meaning and messages in their gloomy, yet uplifting melodies. Alice’s poetic attunement to Ethan’s mixes have created some unforgettable and powerful music. For the rest of the post that goes with this quote head here. – http://www.thump.vice.com/words/a-requiem-for-crystal-castles-the-electro-goth-band-that-changed-my-everything

Their song Plague, took inspiration from the film Possession (1981). You watch the main character in the film loose it in the subway corridor, sadly a great loss of milk.

Possession Gif

Alice Glass and her musical partner split due to personal and professional reasons as she stated in a comment. It is some sad news but hopefully those who are fans can enjoy the albums that have been released! I know I will still!! Alice plans to continue her music as a solo artist. I look forward to seeing what she produces.

Any Crystal Castle fans out there in the bloggersphere! My house mate Georgie, when I broke the news to her, just about threw most of the items within arm reach around her. We used to jam continuously with another house mate most nights of the weeks! Always great when you needed to let loose!

Anyway, for those who didn’t know the news, sorry to break it to you but when one door closes, another one opens correct? Here’s to the future Alice!

Enjoy some of my favourite songs in the post!


Alice and Ethan were a formidable duo, that brought had many voices in their music. Music that got you to dance, feel and think. Crystal Castles will live on and as for Alice and her plan to SOLO it in the music industry, I know I shall be listening.

Onwards but never forgetting, Crystal Castles 2004-2014



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