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So a little while ago I stumbled across a company that would be my reason to own more Apple products. Grovemade, is a company specialising in stylish desktop wear. The company was founded in Portland Oregon, USA. Each piece is masterfully hand-crafted into a finished work of art, that not only gives you something to hold your pens, phone and other daily belongings, but allows you to keep your desk looking, sleek, modern and stylish.







Your normal routine may include heading into the office Monday in your business suit ready to challenge the week, or for the week to challenge you! But rest assured you are heading to your desk that is decked out in products from Grovemade. Luxury desk equipment that will leave your other colleagues in awe at the spacious design. Grovemade products can be on the go to, with a variety of tablet and phone cases. These designs look dapper partnered against a business suit.




The designs are made of the finest quality material and will last forever in function and style too. Check out the links below to take you to their website. Easy navigation and with its minimalistic layout will leave you wallet lighter but your heart fonder.


Either way, check out the pics in the post and contact the team. Purchases include bulk for large office space departments looking to juice up the workplace, or just individual purchases for small businesses or home owners who want to keep up with the trends.




The lovely thing about working alongside Grovemade desk equipment is being excited to come into work and make the most out of your day. If you are a working class individual, who is climbing the ladder in the company, you’ll feel confident and assiduous to work hard, look good and perform to your best. A great suit does this for you anyway, but a spanking clean and presented desk gives you the upper hand. Life on a desk can become draining and having a collection like this can actually help you perform better and give you a more positive outlook to the day.



Handsome bamboo, walnut and maple options will leave you wanting each piece! Neat and fresh looking Grovemade gives you the finest there is. Not only does the company produce these beautiful pieces, they also create tablet covers for iPads, macbooks and other pieces too. The one of a kind watch too *pictured below* is super, the simple structure gives you a new twist on wooden wrist wear too. The lovely thing about the watch is the fact it would look smart against any line of clothing worn!


Basically after rambling loads you should have a little insight into Grovemade and what they are all about. Have a good look at the pictures along the post and check out their site too. They are a smashing company!

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www. grovemade.com


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