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Afternoon/evening everyone! – Imagine having a galaxy of timeless metal, imbued with stars wrapped around your finger. Intrigued, well read below and you’ll see why I think Alison Moore’s Rings remind me of night skies full of stars.

I’ve also linked another artist below who I love. She has a voice like cashmere, so a nice combination for these two talented ladies. Have a listen, is entirely up to you.


– Alison Moore Designs –

original_simple-handmade-hammered-silver-bangle (1)

Alison Moore is a delight, I’ve never met her in person but from the look of her work and pages online, she seems to be someone everyone needs to know. Based on the mainland of Orkney, one of the islands based on the north coast of Scotland, she runs a workshop. Inside however, is where the magic and talent is put together to create, hand crafted, beautiful if not, simple rings.

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Now simple being a good thing here! As I looked over her website, I gathered what she was all about through her designs. Sourcing beautiful, natural metals and geological substances, she creates simple bangles and rings. Because of her former geology ambitions, she incorporates rings with a variety of wonderful and unusual gemstones, that are sourced from all around the world. Now as I mentioned above the term ‘simple’, but positively, meaning pretty and delicate. Much similar to a song that could be considered simple, but in terms of giving you euphoric feelings and contentedness, these rings do the same thing. A good skill to have as an artist in any field.

Alison has found that balance to create this impressive collection without having chunks of jewels on one ring. Unlike those over the top fancy rings sold along high streets for thousands and thousands. You’ve all seen the rings , the ones that you can see from the other side of the street and would probably give you cramp, if worn for too long. They are nice but look like they should be left on display, not worn as intended. Alison’s rings are definitely meant to be worn and appreciated among friends and passers-by on the street. I’ve showed her rings to some of the ladies in my life, mum, auntie and friends and all preferred the look and style of Alison’s compared to the high street styles.

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The finished ring or bangle is simply, just lovely. Some large fashion brands for rings often do too much in their designs or push them too much towards the buyers market. However it is the little workshops, situated away from everything where real beauty is sculpted from natural elements. People like Alison Moore show their passion and dedication towards creating pieces that will be treasured and greatly loved by people around the globe that receive a piece.

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It is almost like she has cracked the ring code (and for those film buffs, I’m not on about the One Ring, from Lord of the Rings, although great book & film!!) But in terms of how its designed and marketed. The hints of elegance, simple design, precision, capturing beauty, and tokens of love can be found in Alison’s designs. They would make perfect gifts for those closest to you, so it is worth following the link below to Alison’s website.

Check out the images in the post showing her extensive range. The washes of colours against the hues of the sterling silver give an almost ‘spacial rift’ feel to the rings. Meaning the amount of colours and details in such a delicate ring/bangle give off a thread of timeless appeal and effervescence.

Safe to say everyone, I’m a fan! I’ve already picked out gifts for people I know for Birthday’s & Christmas’s. The items are manly for women but Alison also does a couple items for the men in your life. Or for the men who want to treat themselves, the mountain cuff-links are a good choice!


Not only does a lot of effort go into making each piece, but the piece is then put into a lovely giftbox and sent off! So much care and attention from such a wonderful individual and her company!

So check out the pics for her range and below the images will be the link to her page!!

 7110583 1200x1200 (1)73267767326778     1200x1200       original_bonbon-gemstone-and-silver-stacking-rings

Out of my favourite pieces from her collection, are the plain bangles and these studs below (more so ,the plain moonstone coloured studs above). Absolutely amazing and accessories that can go with any outfit. That is the joy of Alison’s work, it can be matched with lots of different outfits. From ladies, casual blogging days in your chunky knitwear, to skinny jeans and a blazer on the streets, or social events of the year. Places such as dinners, business lunches, fashion weeks, meetings for business women, taking the world by storm! Perfect brand for all your needs!!

What I find quite elusive are the imperfections in the pieces too, showing the hand crafted nature and hard work in each piece. It is lovely to see as an artist myself. Again mentioning the top brands for jewellery who’s designs are nice, but too flawless. Those sort of lines can only be worn to events as pieces to show off to others. Pieces like Alison’s go further especially in our fashion world at the moment, where this style is becoming more sought after. A top artist here!

original_simple-handmade-hammered-silver-bangle (2)original_amazonite-handmade-silver-studsoriginal_simple-handmade-hammered-silver-bangleoriginal_amazonite-handmade-silver-studs (1)

So after reading this, I’ve persuaded you and shown you, that you need an Alison Moore ring or bangle to add to your collection, your ever-growing collection!. Well, you’re welcome! But seriously, head over to her page and have a look yourself. Any questions too, drop Alison a message as she regularly replies to her Facebook followers and such! Also, if you like the post, share it with your friends on Facebook, twitter and such too. Help promote this artist and her work. It was only through a great family friend, Rose who is Scottish, who introduced me to her work by sharing her page! In fact Rose posts about lots of lovely artists and small business designers on her Facebook, which is handy for me, since these are the people I like to blog about. So cheers Rose!! Keep them coming!

So back to Alison and her link info is below, along with my own accounts! Check them all out and thanks for reading this article too! Have fun and enjoy each unique ring and bangle on her store. You wont find that individuality on a high street store ring, because unlike Alison’s they look the same. Give that lucky lady or gent in your life a beautiful Alison Moore Design and watch the appreciation shower before you.






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Many thanks for reading and have yourself a smashing and delightful evening!








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