[Fashion News] – Roll Back With An Ellie Hayes Cap

Morning all, decided to roll back onto blog on my day off! So we shall jump on in!

Ellie Hayes Caps? Heard of them, perhaps not! Well not to worry, read below about this wonderful brand!!

Tiffany Turner knows how to create a snappy fashion accessory. The brand is all about style and customers who express themselves through art. Customers that enjoy and spend hours outside with a variety of sports, bike, dance, surf, write and skate and so on. The 5-Panel Cap is expressive to the individual wearing it showing that they are bright, creative and enjoy little things in life as well as the big adventures.

The brand not only gives the creative sort of niche lifestyle, but donates a portion of the money for every cap sold to a non-profit organisation. What could be better than a brand that gives right! The organisation, providing healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa. A beautiful thing to do!

Below are some of the styles on the Ellie Hayes site which are still in stock! Go grab yourself a pair and wear it knowing it was made for a creative individual such as yourself!

tiff-7003-1340x840 ROBL9687-1340x840 tiff-7004-1340x840 tiff-7005-1340x840

So the designs give a Cali feeling and ultimately are the best! The slighty weird yet expressive designed caps are full of life and creativity which are perfect for the wearers! In the era of snapbacks and the continous #YOLO’ing it is nice to have a cap that is above the rest. The designs are the perfect balance of fresh styles, colour and creative design, smartness and also give back to charity, which in my book is a hat worth looking into getting. Fashion that does this, is fashion worth buying and wearing!

Another wonderful trait for the Ellie Hayes hats are that they are unisex, meaning you can supoort any design from the range whether you are a lady or a gentlemen. The quality of material is of top choice and each cap is lovely made in America.

Here is her website to which you can buy them!

WEBSITE – http://www.elliehayescaps.com/

TWITTER – http://www.twitter.com/EllieHayesCaps

So this wraps up the cap’s post! Oh the rhyming is coming out, better finish this soon! Have a look at brand and wear your cap proud to show off this talented brand!!

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