[Fashion News] – CL From 2ne1 Wearing Jeremy Scott

Afternoon everyone, hope you are having yourself a day of delightful things. Me, well I’m off work and suppose to be blogging all day but, have a little chaos here in my room with where to start! I’ve been archiving articles and posts that interested me and what I wanted to blog about but where do I start!

So I’m referring to my list I made and anything I come across from now on will be written in the book! So lets get cracking!!


Here we have the INFAMOUS and fierce CL from 2ne1, a Korean girl group that resides (Minzy, Dara & Bom) with multi-styled music. Noticeable to a lot as one of the best groups from Korea, CL is raw and one of my muses for my own art and design for my future career in fashion. CL here is wearing Jeremy Scott and some will have already noticed his iconic colour styling and design. Bold and in your face, a design perfect for an artist with the same presence.

I decided to share this picture because she is such an inspiring young women. A real treasure and creative mind, that continues to bring happiness and keep me on my career path! One day I would love to design for this group!


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Enjoy your afternoon!


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