[Recipes] – Maison Blanc’s Mousse Pomme



One place I love to go to, that is always a treat, is Maison Blanc. The original British patisserie that was founded in Oxford back in 1980 and has continued to bring beautiful menus to the people lucky enough to have one near them! The nice thing about this company is that it doesn’t try to be the best and push to be the best like a large amount of chain companies do. The stores delicious and I say delicious menu hold some lavish cakes and pastries.


Their Facebook page a little while ago showed a picture of a new dessert for summer and I must say had to share a copy of it. I have yet however had any time to try it but will do so next time I’m in, regarding they have them in stock!! A Mousse Pomme is the name of the dessert. It looks too nice to eat however! But you guys can be the judge of that!

Other than that, that is it really, apart from their macaroons are lovely too!

MB-WebBanner_a smoothies_frappes_banner

Check here for their site and you can also order online too!


Head to one and enjoy their menu!

Many thanks for reading all, have yourself a smashing evening.

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