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Morning all,

Another day off today! Since yesterday was one but finally got out of bed at midday, thought it would be better to be productive today!

Last night I was looking at some old friends artwork on a site called Deviantart. A site I grew up with, a place to submit art and make friends and enjoy your passion without the troubles of other people calling you out for it. I loved the comic and anime style and yes started out drawing anime when I was a teen. Thankfully from that experience I bettered myself into realism, life drawing classes and experimenting with all sorts of styles.

I had previous plans to which I still hold onto in the back of my head to fall back on. The plans were to create a comic with my characters and publish it or create an online story with the ideas I had. Who knows if it will ever happen! I had a character from my very early stages of drawing called Daisy. She was almost like a muse to me, you could say she was an inspirational character I had who would help me with new ideas. Bit sad I know but as an artists muses come in all sorts of different things!

Last night though through very awkward lighting, managed to sketch out Daisy in her near finalised character design. She is heavily inspired by many personal things I grew up with. Daisy because of wild daisies and always sitting in fields as a kid. A mechanic was her job description for my story which was inspired by Ratchet from the video game serious (I, at uni wanted to work for) Ratchet & Clank. This is still my favourite game!! She has many traits that are inspired, but I don’t want to give to much of her away if this story idea possibly happens.

So below is the sketch I drew of her, I am rather happy with the outcome so far!


Thought you’d like to see for those who sketch, or enjoy art. I am getting back into drawing so hopefully some more sketches up soon!


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Have yourself a great afternoon!


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