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Stumbled across recently, on an artist that captures expression in animals through limited lines. The artist is a British man called Tom Homeward! His work is inspiring and beautiful, it looks limitless in its mark making. Some serious skill in capturing essence of being. Something I am finding I am able to do using my left hand which is my non dominant hand.


Tom here uses earthy palettes and well just look for yourself below, some ethereal portraits of his dogs.

10407513_705749346126783_4547630348469140860_n 10460227_706731786028539_5389789201793154640_n 10488180_712526718782379_2487455967519979709_n 10501869_710731808961870_1510027904382868671_n 1653828_649884151713303_1903064106_n 1654148_655599827808402_1296290856_n 1966899_681470125221372_1807869508425721960_n 10525960_710365962331788_5148896977208949558_n

So it is clear to see that even just his sketch based works are marvellous. The only other person who I know can capture animal spirits in drawings is my gran. Who doesn’t draw any more, but as a child I would sit and watch her draw whilst she was on the phone. I always loved how she sketched her border collies and looking upon them on the page, would come alive much like a Pixer/Disney style animation.

10155837_669864463048605_233498588_n 1779755_672368152798236_4312545057979771472_n 10304633_691683037533414_635932860866757131_n 10401465_713881938646857_3216693501833690065_n

His landscapes just roll with colour and simplicity. It almost looks like he puts in minimalist effort to try to create these wonderful pieces. I think any more would ruin the softness in his work. Always envious of people that can paint landscapes!! Another personal love for these images here is the colour choices. Each colour bounces off one another but at the same time is alluring to each other too. Perfect combination of contrast/compliments to the final pieces above through his marksmanship and colour palette.

10320616_687845391250512_4602639735775838258_n 10329028_687133521321699_8256206324846863208_n 10291805_685245661510485_2731847478137272820_n 10457923_707704572597927_4868055359007465238_n 10411335_709733375728380_4597576894684831618_n

Now his paintings of these gentlemen remind me of the childrens books I used to read whilst growing up. Quentin Blake style illustrative styling through the simplicity of lines again. Colour palette is more dark compared to the childrens illustrator but then again this gives the viewer a chance to see personal touches from Tom Homewards preferences. Absolutely delightful and charming and again captures expression from the men in the portraits.

1902929_671918902843161_718659805323541056_n 1150284_642420362459682_832977518_n 1620518_667635299938188_600595273_n 10440940_697670383601346_4500084825450769130_n 10450243_707177859317265_6391597381173194144_o 10468510_711382448896806_1099368272176537406_n 10556504_717025514999166_6195151797340409548_n

Lastly the dogs which is what drew me to his work. Springer spaniels come across a lot in his work as that is the type of dog he owns. They are lovely breeds and along with border collies represent the countryside and more so coastal areas like Cornwall in the south of England. Again the Tom Homeward palette choices give the dogs in the paintings a realistic aura to them. Just beautiful really, almost like you could go into the painting to pet the dog in the frame.

Now this artist is heading into my collection of inspirational people and hoping you guys have enjoyed this fairly lengthy article. His Facebook page has another section dedicated to charity and donations for a little girl of the age of 8. Little Niamh who was diagnosed in 2012 with Wilm’s Tumour. I will do a large post about this page for my new category that I created yesterday (Charity & Donation Pages). Hoping that it helps get her page out there a little more!!

I will end this with, its been a pleasure to write about this artist for you guys. I’ve enjoyed it and look forward to seeing his new work. Check the links below to see his pages and Niamh’s Fund page too

FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/tomhomewoodartist?fref=ts

WEBSITE – http://www.tomhomewood.com/

Niamh’s Fund – https://www.facebook.com/niamhsfund


TWITTER – http://www.twitter.com/_Thomasbcooper

TUMBLR – http://www.thomasbenjamincooper.tumblr.com

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