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I’ve been thinking this afternoon about the people that really help contribute through art, to make the world a peaceful place. Allowing others to share their experiences with their work through sites such as Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. When I think of charity I think of, togetherness. Holding someone’s hand through a painful process, donating towards a good cause, bringing back smiles to faces that see more sadness then happiness. Everyone struggles and it is always ok to ask for help.

I’ve been seeing recently, artists that brighten my day setting up donation pages for treatments for others. Charities really do amazing things and even small organisations set up my local artists or people can help make a difference.


For me, my idea of helping would be to set up a charity once when I’m established in the fashion industry. I know there are a lot to support, workers and fur organisations. But there are a lot of talented individuals who cannot afford courses or have discovered a talent in art that want to bring happiness to others through their gift. My charity would almost be a bigger version of my blog. The power of blogs prove themselves even with one person to take on board what is being said. Featuring talent through posts to help promote the new artists that are starting out and the ones that constantly work hard each day to further their dreams.

The point of this post was to let my readers know that I would love to add another new category supporting charities and donation pages and helping by spreading the word about them. Just think if my blog had 5 million readers and I posted about a charity that caught the attention of just one fifth of them, that is still a beautiful mass that would read and possibly take my words further and turn it into actions.

I am aware for our current economical and financial system that money is hard for a majority of us. But that £10 you all spend on a couple of packets of crisps, sweets, donuts or bottles of beer could be donated to 10 charities. Each one given a single £1 or $1, then each person did that, then those 10 charities would each get a lovely contribution from the nation. It seems silly but it would be beautiful to see in the world.

So my point with this post was to announce a new category and hopefully later today start some posts supporting charity and donation pages,

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