[Fashion News] – Boohoo Mens Tie Dye Collection

Afternoon guys & girls and guys specifically, for this post. I hope this finds you well!

So I’ve recently come across Boohoo.com and its wonderful style.

I saw that their thing, is all about loud and standing tall, in fierce styles of clothing. Most of the designs break that safe perimeter that some companies opt out for and so Boohoo.com hit me like a freight train.

My initial reaction was, ‘why doesn’t my wardrobe contain more colour and prints’. I admit, even for my wide and varied love for all types of fashion, from prints, to leather styles and to bold colours, my own wardrobe was a safe one. Thankfully though, its changing, as I have been over the last year, since I set up my blog, purchasing more daring styles of fashion for my blog and myself to wear in public. To my surprise though, I think I can pull most of them off, although once I move to London and start properly using my LookBook account, you guys can be the judge of that.

So below is some of the tie dye collection available on the site!


It appears that this summer tie dye style is back in. It is perfect though for summer evenings, or cool afternoons, or even those who attend events such as Glastonbury (that has just finishde).

Check out the site to find yourself something tie dye, or just create your own! They are easy, with tutorials online for novices. YOUTUBE IT!

Taylor Momsen from her video release ‘Messed Up World’ (Fucked Up World) was sporting a tie dye top, which to my surprise was like a flash of colour to her usual black ensemble. She looked edgy and fierce in the song though! But check the link below guys for the Boohoo mens collection!

LINK – http://www.boohoo.com/restofworld/icat/mens-holiday-shop?cm_sp=splash-_-primary_banner_1-_-gbp_mens-holiday-shop


Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/_Thomasbcooper

Tumblr – http://www.thomasbenjamincooper.tumblr.com

Many thanks for checking out my blog and reading this post. Always appreciate your supports guys and girls!

Have a chilled and relaxed evening!

(I’m about to play with LEGO and yes,you are reading that correct!)








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  1. I was literally thinking of Boohoo.com Yesterday


    I keep looking at asian websites, but now i’m thinking I should look for english ones HAHA BECAUSE LESS EXPENSIVE


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