[Fashion News] – Oh My Love (Fall Collection 2014)

Hello all!

Oh My Love have taken Stevie Nicks iconic bohemian vibes and given an English twist for their fall collection 2014. The floral collection gives out vibes of cool girl attitude and raw essence of Stevie Nicks’s efflorescence style. Below are some pictures from the collection. Check it out for late summer wardrobe.




Grace Small is the Australian model and takes fierce photos, showing the cool girl attitude that Stevie Nicks was infamous for. For the original article check out Nylon’s page here: http://www.nylonmag.com/articles/oh-my-love-fall-14-lookbook

And for those who just want to go straight to the collection then head here: http://www.ohmylovelondon.com/

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, I love these photos, taken like captured memories of a great summer. Be sure to check out my…


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Remember to have yourself an amazing day everyone.

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