[Daily News] – 1st Year Anniversary For My Blog

Morning you beautiful bunch!


Pop the champers cause I have just been notified that a few days ago marked the one year anniversary of my blog. Hurray!!!

No champagne was even bought for me… But I just wanted to write a little post saying a MASSIVE thank you to all the wonderful views from everyone that has helped me get this far. It has been a truly amazing year and I raked up around 3,500+ page views in 1 year and I wasn’t even updating each day! (I do however want to get back into it, hopefully my new life in London gives me some better hours of work and a little extra free time!). I miss my routine of writing and enjoying it, meeting new people on here, some who are other bloggers or artists I’ve gotten to know a little (Jan, I’m looking at you 😀 !! ) Some really inspiring people! It is comforting being around others who share the same artist values at myself. Be it music, art, fashion and culture. I needed that for so many years and never had it, and after university found others who enjoy it. I didn’t thrive during educational years especially in art or even as a person. I was fairly isolated and during my third year of uni, I felt a change inside myself.

It was noticeable to others as well. Almost like I woke up and said, ‘I’m Tom, i’m a fantastic artist and I dont need your negative comments’. It was good, I started to stand up to my demons, as in bullies that teased me constantly each day little by little until one night I literally told them what was what. I felt empowered! Although, yet a little ashamed that I’d let them get to me. But now I’m free and on my way to creative art in raw forms for the world to enjoy. Keeping those close to me that constantly give me those uplifting responses to my work.

But seriously, the comments, the people I’ve met and to all those who I know personally from my job at Nero! Many thanks for your support and ongoing comments to help me get my dream up and running. I gave myself a 2 years to be in Alton Caffe Nero and after half a year I thought, I need to be in London now! What am I doing!


So one year is coming up since I started and I will be moving out and living with people from university up in Kingston Upon Thames. I’ve been writing articles and meeting new people and I feel my blog is started to get off the ground. A little while ago a smashing little Italian company sent over a bow tie for me, I wrote an article and am noticing that other bloggers are enjoying my work.


Its happening for me! Things are happening and I’m so excited to see what adventures lie ahead of me. Who knows what the next year coming will bring. I want to learn new skills and continue to meet other bloggers and find new people in London. Hopefully get a social life back. Bit hard partying late at night with your sheep as your only social interaction! I don’t do that but we do have sheep.

I have got some great pieces for this blog and for Institchu to which I think you all will like. My favourite one coming up is the Jeremy Scott Moschino coverage for his menswear collection. As those who read my blog know that he is one of my favourite designers. Lots of new things to get writing about again!

So I will crack on with those and hopefully get my sleep pattern back into order! Drained energy from mostly work and no air con by the bar. It gets so hot you become so drowsy and spacial. And when lunch comes around! Slumber mode. Like a bear hibernating!

Anyway I just wanted to send out some love to those people and you all know who you are! virtual and in person who have joined me on this fantastic journey.


I wish I could show how appreciative I am for all those who have supported me! I’m not sure what tho!

Apologies for the random photos. I have so pictures to blog about of my own adventures.

Many thanks to everyone. <3

Phil, Amy, Nancy, Georgie, Carol, Karen, Jeannie (from Canada), Sue (teacher from Uni), Jan, Meg, Charlie & Jamie (from Nero), Rosie, Julia and any others I haven’t mentioned. You all know who are!!

I hope everyone has a great evening as it is now the evening I post this. I have no free time! D:

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One thought on “[Daily News] – 1st Year Anniversary For My Blog

  1. Hey you,

    I am so proud of what you have achieved this year! I was stunned when I saw you stand up to your bullies and I think it was one of the best things you ever did! And I loved watching how you have grown in confidence, it was about time you realised how amazing you were, like we all did years ago!

    London will be the best thing you ever did and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings you!

    Loads of Love xx

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