[Fashion News] – Lucky Lusyano – The Italian Bespoke Bow Tie Company

~Evening to my wonderful readers~

In our current evolving fashion world, to find a company that possesses raw beauty in design, with expert craftsmanship and impeccable vision, it can be a rarity to come across. I have however stumbled across through twitter, the page of Lucky Lusyano, which is a wonderful little company situated in Italy that specializes in bespoke bow ties.


I had a conversation with Mark from the company, explaining my love for their designs, designs which are fun, suave, dapper and tidy.


A dream of mine which I’m currently working towards, is to leave the comfort and relaxed lifestyle of the countryside, in the South of England and head into London. The sheer excitement in hopefully having suits as part of my work attire is thrilling enough, but being able wear the designs of others in the form of accessories will just increase the confidence that a suit brings to any young gentlemen. When you wear the right things, it can bring a different outcome to your day ahead.

Bow ties are just another way to wear a business suit. The designs at Lucky Lusyano will fit for all types of male, every suit type and every situation. Each tie is handmade by the team in their studio and prepared with delicate hands with a beautiful box to display it in. The material they use is Italian silk and of the finest quality. The majestic prints and designs of the ties are a bold statement for anyone wearing them. Perfect to shake up a generic block coloured suit or to power clash with a suit with loud styling.

The team go the extra mile, to ensure each customer is pleased with their purchase. Below I will list the wonderful moment I had with the bow tie I recieved by Mark and the team!


As I missed the original delivery,  the bow tie was sent two working days before, so shipping takes no time at all, very speedy and carefully packaged too. I rescheduled it to come to my work the following day to be ensure someone could sign for it. I had just finished my half day at work when the postman gave me the parcel. Eagerly I opened it with the likes of my favourite customers who at that time were in the shop. I’d spoken to a couple of them (Carol & Leesiang) about this bow tie on its way to me. Together we opened it.


As I opened the beautifully made gift box it was a little battered (but the potholes in the roads around the south could be to blame!). Needless to say it was wonderful, I opened the box carefully to find a little blue bow tie sitting in a bed of yellow shredded confetti, behind it, lay a note. Truly elegant and professional looking, a classy addition to the other types of ties I own!


The tie itself, I was told was a unique one, made specially for me. The design itself though is a mixture of blues, whites and greys. It reminded me of a stormy ocean, with a little boat on it battling the hungry waves. I’m not sure if the concept was based on the ocean, or the little boat scenario, but it is nice as an artist to find possibilities within something. I love to look a little deeper into art and design and always managed to find something I like. The way the colours on the tie merge and contrast with one another really give the tie detail and a lustrous finish.


As I myself, when I move to London, am able to work in the City Centre, wearing designs like this will give me the confidence and bespoke style very few men dare to wear. The whole concept of gentlemen style today is embracing the cultures of bow ties, and sharp style. The amount of younger males who take the extra time to wear designs that are striking and forcefully making the other people around them to take a double look at their attire is growing. With the help from, little companies, fashion bloggers and fashion stylists, the comfort of trying new things with style is there.

It is the little companies that give men the best options to allow themselves to delve into the fashion trends. The little stores too, really give the most to their customers and truly appreciate their custom. Lucky Lusyano is all about, style, intuition, bespoke design, fantastic customer service and allowing men to feel confident in their fashion trend choices. With hand crafted, wide range of bow ties at their disposal you won’t ever run out of choice. An absolute little gem that needs to be exposed to other fashion loving men!


Everyone needs at least one (if not more!) of Lucky Lusyano’s bespoke bow ties. You will not be disappointed! If I am ever lucky to visit the company in person on a trip to Italy (which is one of my places to visit soon) I will give my thanks in person to the team. When I come across a company that leaves me speechless, I find it hard to present my feelings on the page, I struggle to sum up without rambling on about how much I adore it.


As I come to an end, I would like to personally thank Mark and the team at Lucky Lusyano for my bow tie. I felt this warmth upon receiving it. The design is smashing and ever so dapper. A lot of people I’ve showed now and told, are quite frankly jealous. I adore this, as it’s the nicest of all my types of ties I own. I will continue to work hard, to be able to wear suits every day in London and wearing my bow tie will not only help promote your brand, but give me that added confidence I need, to be able to become successful in the big city.


‘Be Lucky, Wear Lusyano’

Many thank again


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