[Daily News] – Little Trip To London

Evening all,

(this was yesterday, forgot to press publish!!)

Currently sitting on a packed train coming back from London. I’ve had a day of exploring as my original plans fell through! Needless to say, it was lovely to be back in the Majestic city of London!

I headed to ‘The City of London’ for multiple tasks, to visit a customer at met for lunch (Carol who’s currently sitting next to me doing the crossword in the paper!!) and visiting Institchu offices and an exhibition.

I had planned to visit an exhibition to which was sadly finished even though it should have been on for 2 more days! Little bit saddening as I had planned to write an article for here and for Institchu on the construction of a suit! Would have been perfect for both places! Oh well next time!

Next I had wanted to visit the office of Institchu to which I eventually found! Quite a bad person at directions! I walked for a while looking a little lost! But found the building and it was very high class inside. Sadly was unable to meet the UK director Elliot, but I shall revisit and introduce myself another time! Means another trip to London!




Even with a few downsides I had a good day exploring the city any the actual ‘City of London’. Which was very nice, I’d arrived to Bank tube station to imperial buildings, and many professional looking people in suits. I felt like I was home. I had this warm safe feeling inside as I felt like this was where I was suppose to be!

So I have bits to update but as I wrote above squished in a carriage on my way home! I’ve even opted not to eat my food as there is a large audience for me to show how ungraceful I eat! I’ll wait until some have left!!

Updates shortly! Also a review to a beautiful hand made bow tie I received from a company in Italy!!


Keep posted chums!


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