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Evening you wonderful people,

So came across within the last week of an artist who has released a TUNE. The singer Veronika Vesper is fresh onto the music scene, she actually visited my university a couple years ago, during my second year I believe! My friend Georgie told me she heard the name before, to which I responded with yes, same. Apparently she visited whilst filming a video as I was tweeting her with my questions. She is a lovely person and definitely appreciates her fans as she took the time to message me back a few times!


I have below, her SoundCloud, (addicted to this embedding code, allowing me to show music in a post! GO TOM, YOU GET INTO THE 21st CENTURY!). The song is called ‘Fuck The Ego’ & I’m not going to soften it as it is a form of art and art, is all about freedom and self expression.

The vibe I get from Veronika, is a spacial, dark version of Grimes mixed with Brooke Candy. Both two woman who are very inspirational to myself and the generation that listen to their music in today’s musical world! From a fashion bloggers point of view I see, dark fantasy mixed with a Gothic, space flair. The fashion style is very contemporary too, with the leather and wet look clothing. All styles like that are to be found on the recent catwalks. Just have a read of my recent articles before on, mesh and SikSilk. Those both show the leather/shimmer like style.


The song itself, some have said genre-less, I admit I find it hard to pick a category. But definitely got some vibes from multiple areas. Needless to say it is a smashing piece and sounds brilliant on a loud base speaker. THE BASE THOUGH!!

Have a listen and let me know your thoughts. Veronika has a fierce music style but is so humble and lovely to talk too! She is London based and hopefully when I’m in London I am able to attend some of her future gigs?!


Give her a shout out and share her work. Defo one to watch! I’ll link her personal website for enquires & news and her Twitter, send her some love! I’m feeling she will be big and bring a some musical revolution to the scene!


WEBSITE – http://www.veronikavesper.com

TWITTER – http://www.twitter.com/VeronikaVesper

Remember I’ve got some social accounts too! For those who are new to the page!


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Many thanks for joining me this evening and enjoy your start to a long weekend for those in the UK (sadly I’m not as I’m at work!)











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