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Evening guys and girls, I hope you are all extremely well.

I wanted to write about summer designs and especially men’s backpacks and bags that I had come across. I was also thinking for some close readers who I know personally, Charlie and Jamie, you should both like the designs here.


Summer is all about sun, relaxing and embracing the lifestyle of the season. Herschel Supply Co have released a smashing set of styled bags for their summer collection. Very subtly loud. The company as been influenced by the coastal atmosphere of California and it is easy to see in the designs.


The first reaction I had to the designs was the theme of coastal, but more so, boats. The whole atmosphere of the harbour, beach shacks, fresh fish, coloured shorts, sunglasses, lounging in the shade and sitting on the rocks. An almost, ‘hustle & bustle’ of the harbour lifestyle, but captured in the designs from the colour and style choices here.

Needless to say the collection rocks! (excuse the pun! I did say to some readers that I think it adds some zing to the posts. Also what even is zing? Sounds more like a spice or when you give someone the finger guns gesture. AND WE HAVE GONE OFF ON A TANGENT.

A perfect way to enter the  summer with anyway! The colour scheme too works wonderfully, all together the combination creates a lovely, harmonious balance and they stand out against the grain, but also work with one another. It is quite rare to find that in fashion, only the gifted pass on that trait. It is nice to find a variation of bag designs that opt for a colour scheme that works like that. Absolutely smashing choice in the colours! Very easy going but also vibrant enough to stand out and show the inspiration of the ocean.


The last point I wanted to make about the collection is the detail. If you look closely at pictures above, the attention to detail is wonderful, everything is crisp and very solid looking. Meaning, a coastal adventure wont give your backpack too much wear and tear. The material looks to be durable and of high quality, so a great choice for your summer plans. Sadly my summer includes a lot of work & saving for my London move! Maybe I can purchase one of these and save for London whilst wearing it…



I wont lie, after writing this, I am indeed very smitten with the designs. Herschel Supply co, is a wonderful brand. They really promote the adventurous lifestyle we should all be enjoying. Defo worth a gander on their websites through the link below!


WEBSITE – http://www.herschelsupply.com/malibu-collection/

TWITTER – https://twitter.com/Herschelsupply

I have also listed the Twitter account too!

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