[Fashion News] – Moschino Is Coming…


..to London that is! Jeremy Scott is taking Moschino for its next fashion victim, London City, more so the men of London.


The designer plans to debut a menswear collection for the guys of London by early June. What can we expect from the revolutionary artist such as Jerermy Scott, well for those who read my blog you’ll know I’m a fan, one of my inspirations as an artist myself. I hope he brings in both guns blazing and showcases his designs like the true artist he is.


What I want to know is how people of London will react to the fast food fashion styling of Jeremy Scott & Moschino. Personally, ruddy brilliant. It was tastefully done, it was fun, colourful, screamed revolution, inspirational and brought some controversy to the scene. If that isn’t what art is, then I have no idea.

So below are some of the LookBook snaps previewing the summer collection for the men! They are all pretty sharp looking! Now I’f I take out a second loan…


If you’ve continued this far, just to clarify, I’m not taking out a second loan! I’ve not even taking out a first loan, nor do I own a credit card! I’m fine with my change wallet thank you!

So getting back on track and the menswear collection looks very tastefully done, the use of playful colours but still having that sharp, modern classy look! Looking forward to the release!


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Many thanks for reading! Have a smashing day!









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