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Afternoon all, as I write this piece here I am listening to a beautiful piece of harp music from a video game. Absolutely fits though, have a listen whilst you read if perhaps you are intrigued.


So I follow a number of social networking accounts held by fashion bloggers, emerging singers to watch and artists. I am always reblogging their posts to have something to write about for my blog. Not much goes on where I live, in the countryside. Same thing each day, until I’m in London and then hopefully I should have plenty of personal blogging things to write about. So back to Kayture!

I follow this young lady called Kristina Bazan who looks like she is living her dream. She is a successful blogger, she models, she styles and she sings too. Complete package I think! Well her current travels take her to some beautiful places around the world as she attends various events, and social gatherings dressed head to toe in beautiful designer clothing.


So Kayture was recently in Monaco and then off to Cannes and her photos I’ve selected below are just so lovely. The rich colours, the sun (which for British readers is a plus!) and the atmosphere captured in the frame are just smashing to view.

If anyone is interested in Kayture, she has a various amount of different accounts. She uses her hash-tag #kaytureonthego for most of her posts, so a great way to see her other snippets and posts too!

I’ll list her main website & Facebook (which holds her other accounts on [Instagram & Twitter], so just follow the links below!)

WEBSITE – http://www.kayture.com

FACEBOOK – http://www.facebook.com/kayturepage?ref=stream

Now enjoy some of her snaps from her travels!


Its understandable to be jealous of her adventures, I know I sure am!!

She has a great blog to follow for any other fashion bloggers. She is also proof that if you continue to work hard you can achieve great things and have great fashion adventures just like herself.

Remember #kaytureonthego

As I close this post remember I’ve got a couple of other social networking sites too below!


TWITTER – http://www.twitter.com/_Thomasbcooper

TUMBLR – http://www.thomasbenjamincooper.tumblr.com


Many thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the post and the included snaps










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