[Fashion News] – Jennifer Lawrence At Cannes Film Festival

Hello all! 

Jennifer Lawrence attended with the rest of her cast at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival event a few days ago. (Actually on my Birthday). She graced the red carpet alongside other actors and actresses promoting their upcoming films.


J-Law went for a 90’s crop top style outfit and looked wonderful. She caught the attention as one of the best dressed for the event alongside Eva Longoria.


Another piece that also caught the attention was a man who dove under America Ferrera’s gown whilst upon the red carpet.


Ferrera had attended the film festival for her first time when the prankster who is known for red carpet upsets (why are they letting hin!!) dove for her. 


Even with the unpleasant experience Ferrera held her head strong the following days and really looked beautiful. She was one of my best dressed on my list, but she is one strong and inspirational women!

So there you have a little slice of the Cannes 2014 Film Festival!

Thank you for reading.



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