[Artist To Watch] – Claire

Afternoon all!

Found an artist to watch and her groups name is – Claire


The group is made up of:

  • Josie-Claire Bürkle (singer)
  • Matthias Hauck (synthesizer)
  • Nepomuk Heller (synthesizer)
  • Florian Kiermaier (guitar)
  • Fridolin Achten (drums)

The group is all about a mixture of synthpop, half beats, indie and a little hip-hop. The German band is from Munich but lyrics are in English.

Below is their début Album – The Great Escape.


Some great sounds for the summer! Defo going in my summer 2014 mix tape along with some other artists I will be featuring on my blog too! Currently listening to them as I write this, the sun is shining and I’m feeling pretty content and just living in the moment now. Getting lost in songs is part of the summer magic!

Found a way to embed SoundCloud to my posts too, so this will be fun for future posts!


Enjoy and let me know your thoughts on Claire! I am loving the ‘Neon Love’ from the SoundCloud album above.

Enjoy the sunshine wherever you are, work or day off!


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