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Another evening is here and you are in good company. Instead of my usual tea, I’ve opted for a glass of Barefoot rose. Not the manliest of drink but really hits the spot after work and my start to a three day weekend. Enough of my rosy wine’n (you see what I did there)….

….I came across a brand of clothing quite a little while ago and again recently and decided to post about it. The brand known as SikSilk is all about individuality, creating style and being unique. The brand was established in 2012 was influenced by the fashion of Britain, America & Japan. With all that inspiration the group who built the company have continued to provide excellent style and fresh approaches.

The clothing itself is heavily sports influenced, but much like my previous post about mesh fabric, the clothing here also is wearable out of the sports ground. An urban, street style, contemporary set of designs that look great out and about.

Below are some of my findings.

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The use of bold lines and block of colour give a staple of confidence. They are really punchy and grab your attention. Almost like saying ‘Hey look at our brand, we are confident and are full of so much life’ It really works too, as I go through each piece, I am drawn in more to the simple but smashing use of artistic flair. The bold accent that runs across each design too is another beautiful touch, alongside the use of fabric for that almost shimmer/wet look approach. Definitely in current fashion trends the leather look, faux leather, man-made fabric approach.

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image2xxl (6) image1xxl (10)image1xxl (4) image2xxl image4xxl (1)image1xxl (12) image2xxl (8) image4xxl (9)

I really love the colours they have chosen for their work, the bursts of colour to a quite monochrome backing theme. Just lovely! The style is fantastic and I am leaning into getting some of their brand for my own closet. It is also, lastly, noticeable how comfortable the clothing line must be, it appears soft and doesn’t look to provide any irritation. The more I am browsing the collection, the more I want to purchase it!




As I wrap up this post, I do hope you have all enjoyed the brand. They do have some amazing style and look like they will continue to grow and be prosperous in the future. I will continue to enjoy this brands image and idea around what they do. Being individual and showing confidence sounds like a great plan to me. I’m feeling a little  contentedness inside but that might be the wine!


I am heading off now because I’m feeling rather beat, but the next three days are off from work for me, so expect some more posts!!

Have yourself a great evening and I’ll catch you all next time! I have some interesting new post ideas too!



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