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This post I decided to talk about mesh and how its become a must for this years fashion concious audience.



Mesh was originally used for sportswear during the early years as a form of breathable fabric. Since fashion is like a wave, a restless, always changing form, the use of mesh fabric has really influenced a lot of the past years designers work. From runway to high-street styles, the mix of mesh to other fabrics have created, this year especially, some fantastic designs for the modern fashion conscious female and male. Below are some images from recent designs, from a variety of places.



The great thing about mesh fabric is the versatile design possibilities it has. It can add that little bit of contemporary twist, because it is classed as a modern fabric. Like other man mad fabrics ,like polyester, Lycra, that sort of thing. It always gives that extra touch to a design like the image above, the red becomes a mixture of reds from the mesh itself, giving an illusion to the eye.





I browsed http://www.asos.com & http://www.topman.com & some other sites for a little while to see what came up in the mesh category. To my surprise, a nice amount did, also the quality of designs were really nice. Below are my findings.





Some of the designs here include both vest tops, t-shirts, shorts and even jackets. It really looks like there is no limit to what you can achieve with the mesh style. I’ve even had a look into bow ties and I haven’t been able to find anything too great. A possible idea for the future of bespoke tailoring with a stylish bow tie or even neck tie design. The low cut vest above is an excellent lounge wear piece, perfect for evenings, weekends, gym, even holidays too. I bought a couple myself for lounging in the evening, great for those summer evenings when it becomes muggy and hot for sleeping.

Below are some more styles.




As we come to an end it’s nice to see how flexible the designs above are. The street styles here are confident and perfect for a city dweller. I can see people wearing these designs in and around London. Another point to just address whether any readers are interested in buying the mesh designs above. Quite a number of the models have tattoos, so the street style has that extra 10% on them. But if you have the confidence to wear them that go for it. More people should embrace the new wave in fashion and disregard the idea of judgement from others, to sound cliché, be yourself. I’m looking forward to London as I’ve been buying clothes specifically for when I’m there. In the fashion capitol wearing my clothes with confidence and style.


I would love to get some of the designs above, as I’ve had mesh items before that I got quite a little while ago. Well as I wrap this up, I hope I’ve inspired some of my male readers and even female readers so try out mesh as a fabric. I’ve got my own ideas for my fashion dream, so I hope one day I can make them a reality.


Many thanks to you all for your ongoing support and more recently the comments I’ve been receiving. They are lovely to read and always make me feel like I’m progressing with my dream. Always appreicate the time you guys take out of your day to read and comment.

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2 thoughts on “[Fashion News] – Menswear – What Is The Deal With Mesh?

  1. Hi Tom,

    It looks like you have to have lots of tattoos to wear mesh! Might count me out. That and my lack of muscle!

    How will these models cope when the fashion for tattoos dies down? Unlike a t-shirt you can’t just change them or take them off completely.

    One day I’d love to get your thought on what men over 40 should be wearing. Those of us that aren’t quite ready yo give up on fashion quite yet.



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    1. Hi phil!
      Yes agreed with the tattoo remark and the lack of muscles! Hitting the gym sounds like a must for when I’m in London!
      Your comment gives me an idea on what fashion I could write about for men over 40! Maybe for a future post I can do one my next couple of days off!
      Have a good evening guys! See you all soon!

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