[Fashion News] – Jeremy Scott 2014-2015 Fall-Winter Mens Runway Collection


A small post before bed as I’m tired from work! Feeling very distant from my blog recently with my work hours. I miss posting regularly and my blog is beginning to suffer. Hopefully I wont loose my supportive followers! Promise when I get to London it should hopefully get back on track, a post a day! I will try keep my drive going, but it has been challenging recently with work. Everything now for me is summed up in the image below! I’m a mess. It is ok though, the only thing I need after work is that one cup of tea that just hits the spot and melts all the stress away! Must be my age, turning 23 next week and I’m already turning into the male version of a spinster cat lady. Yikes!



Anyway back to the post and I wanted to share Jeremy Scott’s Fall/Winter 2014-15 Mens Collection. The collection itself is bursting with colour and style, the playful designer grasped a sporty approach to his collection. The designs are fierce and very contemporary. Using a lot of colours, and varsity inspiration and the use of fabric is outstanding too. Jeremy will be one of my favourites because he just gives it all. His idea of fashion is to just enjoy everything, life is too short and especially too short if you are worrying about everything. I have to admit the designs are very out there in regards of street wear but could be worn in the correct environment, maybe a party or in a capital fashion city like London!! My little town would turn up their noses at this sort of fashion. Hence my eagerness to London, its a beautiful place where art is literally all around you, and so many people and events and styles. Smashing!



So below I leave you with some of the pictures from the collection.




Have any of you guys got any comments about the designers collection? Always up for a chat so leave a comment below and lets discuss.

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