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Good morning.


-Family News

I hope you are all having a lovely morning, I’m sitting here with my tea and listening to Adele. I have a day off from work and heading out to Basingstoke shopping centre to head to the fabric store and other clothing & music stores. I have also just heard that a family friend who was like family to us, great uncle Ted has just passed away yesterday. He was a lovely man and always very warm and loving to our family. Today my mum just messaged me to let me know that my grans dog Fly has just had a stroke.

Fly to me was my best friend growing up. My Gran has had many border collie puppies and during my childhood my brother and I had a puppy each that we loved. Cap the boy for my brother and Fly the girl for me, they were both brother and sister. So i’ve spent most of my life with these dogs and fly was there for me to share my secrets with and play with me on the trampoline, long walks across the fields and just sitting together on the staircase. I’ll be finding out how she is doing later, so feeling a little sad inside.



-Sewing Journey

On a happier note, I’ve been giving bank holiday off from work. My parents are heading to the shops, so are picking me up from my aunties house. Hopefully I can head to the fabric store to buy some remnants to play with. I want to learn how to use my machine so fingers crossed today will attempt to. I just need to buy a few essentials like needles! I’ve been buying patterns and hopefully soon will get some rolls for plain cotton fabric to have a go with. So here is today and to starting the journey that will hopefully lead me to being a designer.



I’ll let you know how I get on with today’s adventures!


3 thoughts on “[Daily News] – My Sewing Journey & Family News

  1. Thinking of you and your sad news, so sorry to hear about Fly xx get your mind into creative things, have fun with your fabric Jan xx

    1. Hi Jan, many thanks for the kind words! Defo a great idea, Got a message saying that Fly is steady and possibly she will get better very soon. Next couple of days she’ll show signs of improvement! Keeping my fingers crossed for her! I also look forward to buying fabric today! Won’t go too mad mind you! x

      1. Tis a sad thing when our dear animal friends are unwell, they really are very special, I lost my beloved cat a few weeks ago, he was nearly 16 but had been poorly, my constant is no longer with me, a beautiful shadow cat that was always helping me out in the studio (he enjoyed adding to my work with his paw-prints walking across the work!) I have two shows coming up in June so very busy and really miss his presence! Good vibes and good luck with your fabric work, so good to loose yourself in creativity! Best to you 😊😊🌀

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