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Bomber jackets have taken storm over the last year in the fashion world. The post-war style, influenced by the punk revolution, saw the early styling of the bomber jacket. Recently used as a military wear, but then adapted to the cult followings of the skinny jeans and Dr.Martin shoe. Today fashion is more expressive as ever, It is a wonderful era because boundaries are becoming non-existent. The sheer horror of liking and wearing something that is different is fading and people around the world are comfortable about wearing what they like. Their style, their choices and their appreciation to art and fashion is wonderful to see as an aspiring designer.


Bomber jackets were rather plain back in the day, some historic styles and swatches of colour but now designs are fresh and don’t pull any punches. Well I that’s not true, they visually pull punches, but in a good way!

Designers have adapted this change and below have created some beautiful versions of this classic jacket. Fabrics too are plenty with multiple styles including, leather, satin, cotton and neoprene with some designers. Almost no expense paid to creative design with the variations of the bomber jacket.


Have a look below for the images I’ve gathered from Google & Lookbook. I personally like the floral print jackets and some of the rich patterned ones. For me its entirely smashing that historic visual boundary yet keeping the heritage underneath. A new wave in fashion for menswear.

Image ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


What do you, the readers think?


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3 thoughts on “[Fashion News] – Bomber Jackets

  1. I don’t follow fashion but can appreciate those who do. I had no idea men’s fashion was so artfully evolved. Thank you for sharing these images – quite amazing. Clothed as they are, these models look like moving sculpture.
    And your header art is stunning and fluid – beautiful illustration

    1. Hi there Ann, many thanks for your kind words. I’ve recently in the last year or two decided this is the area I’m best for creative wise. Many thanks again for the comments on my illustration! Fingers cross my work when I continue to add to my portfolio will land me some work!!


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